7 Unique and Creative Ways to Add More Greenery to Your Wedding Decor

Everyone loves nature and loves to be around it. Who wouldn’t want to get married in a venue that looks like a piece of a mystical forest? Think about it, how beautiful the backdrop of a vine-covered arch would look in your photographs? We’re sure you want to have some fun at your wedding and make it look unique and spectacular. You could also make your wedding a little greener and avoid things that would make your wedding look less mundane. Try these creative ways to incorporate greenery into your wedding décor.

Go Green With Your Invitations

Whether you decide to make it a flower-themed wedding or a wholly green-themed wedding, invitations with green, delicate leaves painted on the envelopes will give your day a beautiful touch.

Let Your Dress Make a Statement

What’s the point of having a green venue and not making green a part of the most important spectacle of your day? And by that, we mean incorporating green on the bridal gown! If it’s going to be your day, make it completely yours by getting a gown with delicate vines or leaves printed on it. The beautiful dress with its layers will add more flare to your day! Or you could just get an all-green gown.

Get Creative With Your Bouquets

Throw out the regular old bouquets and bring in the greens. The best way to make greenery a part of your wedding is to incorporate it into each fine detail that is going to have the spotlight on the day!

Let Your Little Helper Chip in

Think about it, how cute will the children look with green tiaras on their heads or just delicate green bracelets wrapped around their wrists? You could also have your pets carry green corsages around their little paws.

Decorate the Backdrop

Whether you have a wall as your backdrop, a mandap, or an arch; you can use green vines to decorate it all. Go with the flow and let the vines cover your backdrop and steal a little spotlight!

Let Your Aisle Speak for the Theme

Line your aisle with green plants and vines and let it look like a part of the theme. You can use plants and arrange them along the aisle or get garlands and decorate your seating with them.

Let Some Green Drip Off of Your Roof

The most beautiful part of having this color at your wedding is that you can make nature a part of your wedding or take your wedding and make it a part of nature. Do not forget to let the roof of your venue be covered with delicate green vines and leaves. Just think of how majestic it will look in the photographs!

The History Behind White Wedding Dresses

Many brides-to-be dream about the day they get to wear a white dress for the day and express their love for someone. Have you found yourself wondering about the tradition? It could be time to learn about the history behind white wedding dresses.

Thanks To The Queens

461 years ago, the history behind the white wedding dress began thanks to Mary Queen of Scots. Although the queen wore white for her big day, it wasn’t until Queen Victoria chose a white gown that things started to catch on. Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert in 1840 and paved the way for many future white wedding dresses to come.

Working Through The Classes

Many people often wore dark colors for their wedding due to a lack of laundry techniques or layers of bright colors for luck and love. However, the white wedding dress trend took off after Queen Victoria’s gown. The elite Americans and Europeans latched onto the trend, but it took a while to work its way through the rest of the classes. It wasn’t until 1981 when Princess Diana walked down the aisle with Prince Charles that others wanted to recreate the look for their big day.

Not A Global Trend

Although many parts of America and Europe still say a white wedding dress is their favorite choice, it seems as though the trend is changing – and has always been that way for many places around the world. In Japan, brides typically wear a white gown before changing into a red one later on in the ceremony, while people in Ghana usually opt for brightly colored wedding dresses to celebrate their day.

People across the world are now embracing alternative colors to bring their wedding day to life. However, the history behind the white wedding dress shows there is more to the tradition that we ever believed.