Celebrating the 67th Anniversary Outside of a Nursing Home

Absence does make the heart grow fonder, and one couple in Connecticut has totally proved it. Bob is a man from Vernon, Connecticut, who showed everyone what true love actually looks like as he celebrated his 67th wedding anniversary standing outside of his wife’s nursing home.

A Big Gesture for a Wedding Anniversary

Loving husband with anniversary sign in front of the nursery home his wife's in
Celebrating the 67th Anniversary Outside of a Nursing Home

With current safety precautions in place, Bob had not been able to visit his wife in the nursing home in person. However, he wasn’t going to let a few safety regulations get in the way of him seeing his wife on their special day.

According to news outlets, Bob went to his wife, Nancy’s, nursing home located in Stafford Springs, last week. He stayed outside of the home holding up a sign that read “I’ve loved you 67 years and still do. Happy Anniversary.”

Nancy’s room is located on the second floor of the nursing home, and he stood just outside of her window in order for her to see his message. After Nancy saw Bob and his message to her, she was overwhelmed with joy as she waved and blew kisses at him.

First Anniversary Apart

Bob told a news outlet that he was feeling bad because he wanted her to be down there with him, and he knew she couldn’t be. He also mentioned that he wouldn’t want to be with anyone else and that he doesn’t think Nancy could put up with anyone else except for him.

It's the couple's first anniversary apart
Celebrating the 67th Anniversary Outside of a Nursing Home

The longtime couple’s daughter, Laura, was there with Bob. She said that this was the first anniversary that Bob and Nancy spent apart from one another. Laura also mentioned that they are an inspiration and an example to the whole family as they have all learned a lot from them. She hopes to have half as much love as they have shared over the years.