A Few Tips to Plan a Budget-Friendly Dream Wedding and Honeymoon

Planning a wedding and honeymoon is not only tiring but an expensive deal. Sometimes, it can get too much to handle but if you follow a few tips, you can easily master the art of planning the whole ordeal and your budget. It’s very important to have an idea of how much one can spend on this beautiful affair and keep track of the spending. Therefore, here are some tricks from Sara Margulis, CEO of Honeyfund.

Paint a Picture in Your Head

Before anything else, the first step is to get an idea of what kind of wedding you want. Margulis recommends having a detailed discussion with your other half about how to plan your dream wedding. Before the money talks, try looking for some answers, like if you have a dream location if you want a formal dinner or just a reception, and if you have a honeymoon destination in mind. First, figure out the answers to those questions, note them down, and then worry about the budget.

Finances With the Fiancè

The next thing that needs to be taken care of is the finances. How much savings do you have as a couple? How much more can you save before the wedding? Do you want to take care of all the expenses by yourself, or are your parents going to contribute? Choose a figure that works for everyone, and make sure to set aside extra money for your honeymoon as well as other unexpected expenses because there will almost always be some and you don’t want to panic on your D-day.

Automatic Transfers Are Always Helpful

A question that comes to everyone’s mind is: what is the simplest approach to saving money each pay period? Well, according to the expert, decide on a portion of your earnings that you wish to save and make sure that it is transferred automatically into your savings account. In this manner, one can avoid the temptation to spend it on their bachelorette weekend or on something that may not be necessary.

Have a Detailed Budget

Sometimes, losing track of money is very easy, especially if you have a lot going on in your life. To make sure you’re paying for all the necessary expenses, use a budget calculator. Adjust the percentages and quantities until they match your overall budget. Also, keep in mind the priorities you listed in step one. Play about with your budget so you may set aside a little extra money to pay for that fantastic band. Don’t try to spend your entire budget right away.