The Best Wedding Presents For Couples Who Love To Travel

Some of us have a travel bug we just can’t satisfy. Perhaps you know a pair that love to jet around the world, and you want to get them something personal for their wedding? These are some of the best wedding presents for couples who love to travel.

A Portable Speaker

It doesn’t matter where the pair are heading, there is usually a chance to enjoy a portable speaker. You can get several that have been designed with traveling in mind, meaning they’ll have something exciting for their next vacation.

Personalized Airport Sign

It doesn’t matter if the couple has traveled everywhere or are just beginning their adventures. The chances are a personalized airport sign will go down well with anyone who loves to travel.

Luggage Set

What better gift for couples who love to travel than a luggage set? You could go for a stylish matching set so they can travel in style or a collection of personalized bags for their next adventure.

Cork Globe

A cork globe is a unique gift for couples who love to travel. All they need are a few pins, and they can suddenly mark off everywhere they have explored along the way.

Personalized Passport Covers

This small addition could mean a lot to couples with the travel bug. As well as being a great start to their new lives as newlyweds, they will also get to enjoy the gift every time they head on vacation.

Scratch Map

Scratch maps have become a huge trend in the last few years. Couples who love to travel will probably have a lot of fun scratching off all their adventures as they explore the world.

Taking a look at the best wedding presents for couples who love to travel could soon give you the perfect and most unique gift for the newlyweds.

Christian Siriano Is Back With an Inclusive Bridal Collection

Christian Siriano bridal collection, 2018You know fashion designer Christian Siriano from his role as a judge on Bravo’s Project Runway and for his often extravagant yet incredibly gentle bridal collections that focus on accommodating all shapes and sizes. His most recent collection is just exquisite, and everyone can enjoy it — with sizes ranging from 0 to 28 and designs in all spectrums of chic, feminine, and bold, future brides are bound to fall in love with these gowns.

An Exciting New Collection by Christian Siriano

A voluminous gown with a plush skirt in pink edges, Bridal Spring 2021, Christian SirianoThe news of Christian Siriano’s comeback took many by surprise, given that he hasn’t released a full bridal collection since his Spring 2018 Bridal line, which debuted in April 2017. Of course, the talented designer kept busy in the meantime. Aside from judging Project Runway, he shifted his focus to designing custom wedding dresses and attire for the rich and famous.

A Combination of Everything Christian Loves

A blush pink plush dress, Bridal Spring 2021, Christian SirianoThe Bridal Spring 2021 collection offers 26 gowns that aren’t united around a single “inspiration” or style. They are rather a combination of Christian’s favorite silhouettes he has debuted on the runway throughout the years. He wanted to create a line for “that optimistic woman” who couldn’t get married last year and was really excited about walking down the aisle now, in 2021 and beyond. Siriano took his favorite designs and reworked them to make them feel new and fresh.

A bridal tuxedo hybrid, Bridal Spring 2021, Christian SirianoIn talking about the new collection, Christian Siriano was very straightforward. He said that this line isn’t for everyone, but it is for all the brides who are emailing him and his team all day giving feedback and sharing what they want to see in a bridal gown. In a way, he says, that collection is exactly for them. That’s why there are many sizing options, a range of masculine-feminine designs, romantic slips, hybrid tuxedos, and voluminous ball gowns to match the changing tastes of the modern customer. That’s what modern fashion should be, says Christian.