This Might Be The Best Disney Wedding Ever

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, a couple were planning the best Disney wedding ever. It turns out that their ceremony might have actually been the happiest place on Earth, as it could be the best Disney wedding the world has ever seen.

Falling For Disney

Jason and Garrett knew they had to plan the ultimate Disney wedding as soon as they started planning their big day. Both of them loved Disney parks when they were growing up and watched all the movies throughout their childhood. Plus, the artwork from all of the films was one of Jason’s biggest inspirations.

The Ceremony Begins

Creating The Magic

Jason and Garrett decided to inject Disney into every aspect of their big day. From their Buzz and Woody-style suits and matching shoes to the decorations and the catering, it seemed as though the couple had everything covered to make sure their day was as magical as possible.

The Little Details

One of the most beautiful details from the day came in the shape of the table themes and the decorations. They were all based on different movies and featured the VHS cover in the middle, surrounded by additions from the films. If the movie was never released on VHS, Jason designed his own cover.

Joining The Fun

After the ceremony, Jason and Garrett changed into their Buzz and Woody outfits. They joined their guests who all dressed as their own characters, thanks to the couple’s love of Halloween parties. The best bit? Even the pair’s dog got to dress up for the big day.

Right Down To Their Toes

There are Disney weddings, and then there’s Jason and Garrett’s big day. The couple managed to bring the magic of it all to life in a way that many others have tried to before. And they all lived happily ever after.