Stunning Art Deco Wedding Theme Inspiration

Art Deco themed weddings have come back in a big way recently – and we’re all here for it! If you want to throw a party that even Gatsby himself would be proud of, then here is some stunning Art Deco inspiration for you.

The Stationery

It’s all about the dark blues and golds if you’re planning an Art Deco wedding. You can find plenty of wedding stationery that matches this Great Gatsby-style theme. If you don’t want to spend too much money on the stationery, you can use a free site like Canva to make your own. They even have Art Deco invite templates for you to play around with!

Gold Everywhere

When dressing your venue, the more gold the better when it comes to Art Deco wedding themes! You could drape your table in gold, glitzy fabrics, or fill the room with gold candelabras. Remember to break up the gold with darker colors such as navy, royal purples, deep reds, or even racing green.

The Outfits

You can really go all out with the dresses and suits if you’re planning an Art Deco themed wedding. Why not opt for a less traditional wedding dress, complete with all the glitz and glam? Bridesmaids can wear gold and the men can wear suits with top hats or even velvet details. You can take it as far as you like with the outfits – and even ask your guests to wear something Art Deco-inspired too!

Food and Drink

If you want to make Gatsby proud, then you have to ensure there is plenty of bubbly on tap! Serve them in classic champagne glasses instead of flutes, too. Cocktails are also a must, but make sure you have plenty of rich and decadent food to soak up all the alcohol!

There are so many ways to plan an Art Deco theme wedding, and hopefully, these ideas have given you plenty of inspiration.

This Bridal Bodysuit Trend Might Set the Tone for 2021 Weddings

Brides that are preparing for a summer wedding in 2021 might have more fun and exciting options than the traditional wedding dress silhouette. Morilee showcased a new dress on Instagram featuring a bridal bodysuit with an attachable skirt extension. Judging by the overwhelmingly positive reaction it’s gotten from shoppers, could this be a new trend for modern weddings?

The Poesy Gown

The Poesy Gown by MorileeCertainly a daring and innovative piece, the Posey Gown deserves the attention it’s been getting from the public. This two-piece bridal gown is made up of a detachable, floor-length, tulle skirt, and a stunning, open-back bodysuit. The beaded wedding romper is covered in lace with intricate details. The long-sleeved romper and detachable skirt together make a traditional silhouette for a dignified wedding ceremony. However, once the reception starts, the dress turns into a gorgeous romper that summer brides can dance in and enjoy their wedding day to the fullest!

Is the Bridal Bodysuit the New Trend?

a model wearing a 'bodysuit' type wedding dressThis dress by Morilee has certainly gotten a lot of positive attention in the first couple of weeks of 2021. As the video and images of a model showcasing the dress continue to be shared online, the idea of a wedding romper is gaining more traction. Many daring brides are sure to embrace the trend and opt for stylish and comfortable bridal rompers for their summer wedding. Designers are ready to help bridge the gap between the modern and traditional bride by catering to this new trend in a variety of innovative styles.

a bride with a 'bodysuit' type dressWhile a romper-wedding dress might seem a bit too daring for some, modern brides are ready to embrace this trend and the many variations of it that are certain to come. Fashion is an ever-evolving entity that strives to represent the values, mindsets, and preferences of contemporary people. What this wedding dress style stands for is an innate love of life and a fun-filled celebration of youth.