5 Women Are Speaking Up About Their Wedding Bills & Who Paid for What

Many people dream about one day having a picture-perfect wedding, with perfectly decorated tables and flower awnings at the end of the aisle. But every beautiful little deal usually comes with quite the price tag. With all of this, weddings can be expensive. The average wedding cost in the United States was almost $34,000 in 2018.

So…who exactly is paying these bills?

5 Women Are Speaking Up About Their Wedding Bills & Who Paid for What

The following 5 women shared their experience about who paid for what at their weddings.

Allison Got the Wedding She Always Imagined

Cost: $40,000
Originally the budget for Allison’s wedding was $20,000, but she and her fiancé got help from both of their parents. Her fiancé was expecting a bonus at work and they decided together that they would spend that money ahead of time. Both of their parents chipped in $10,000.

Katelyn’s Bill Didn’t Include the Honeymoon

Cost: $29,775.81
With a gift of $15,000 from her dad and stepmom, Katelyn was able to subtract that amount from what she would have to pay later. Her mom paid $1,100 for her dress, her fiancé’s mom gave the couple $1,000, and the two ended up paying just over $12,000 out of pocket for their wedding.

Ashley Seems to Have Had It All

Cost: $125,000
Ashley was fortunate enough to have her parents give them $65,000 and her fiancé’s mom paid $30,000. This total was able to cover the cost of the venue, some of the catering, most of the dress, floral arrangements, the party planner, chuppah, as well as the invitations. Everything else was covered by the couple.

It’s About Who, Not How Much

Cost: $6,000
Lauren paid for almost everything. She chose her dress from a resale boutique, paid for the cupcakes and wedding cake, covered the cost of the catering and cocktails, and all of that totaled out to be $4,500. The rest of the extras were also covered by her.

5 Women Are Speaking Up About Their Wedding Bills & Who Paid for What

Aly Doesn’t Agree With the Long-Standing Wedding Traditions

Cost: $15,000
Like the long-standing wedding tradition, Aly’s parents paid for the majority of it. She, along with her husband, paid for the DJ, the invitations, flowers, hair, and makeup.