Tips to Pick the Best Vest for Your Wedding Suit

To vest or not to vest is an eternal question for the grooms on their big days. Be it a suit or tuxedo, the vest can be an essential part of any groom’s outfit. For a tuxedo, it can make the entire look more formal and consistent, and in the case of a suit, the vest adds more depth, dimension, and texture to the attire, hence enhancing the appearance. This sleeveless piece of garment is a timeless addition, serving as a standout piece, instead of being just a faux pas.

Choosing the Vest

Picking up the right one for your wedding day ensemble is the most important thing to do. Vests generally come in matching shades and fabrics, especially in a tuxedo, to give the attire a clean, composed, and consistent look. But for those who prefer to embrace a more casual vibe, there’s much more wiggle room with a vest. Here are a few amazing tips to choose and style the perfect vest for your wedding.

Varying in Color Palette

Differentiating your vest from your suit is a great idea to make the garment more complimentary to your full wedding ensemble. Just avoid clashing with the main color palette. Try pairings such as a navy suit with a gray vest or a brown suit with a lighter shade like beige.

Mixing Patterns

Don’t be shy to mix patterns in your suits and vests. If the suit is solid-colored, throw in a vest with playful patterns like plaid, pinstripe, or checkerboard. The reverse rule also works wonders. The major key here is to pick both pieces with a matching base color.

Opting for Seasonal Fabrics

Playing around with seasonal fabrics can bring interesting results in popped-up colors and textures. While linen or seersucker in cool shades is ideal for a summer wedding vest, experimenting with tweed or wool in a rich tone makes the best vest unique to a winter wedding.