This Man Surprised His Girlfriend With A Proposal And A Wedding In One Day

Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming, especially when brides don’t have much time between their engagement and wedding ceremony.

If this is too much stress for you to handle, imagine being proposed to and getting married all in one day! Well this is exactly what happened when Zach Baldwin got down on one knee for his girlfriend Catie Bossard.


However, Bossard was the type of girl who had never thought about her dream wedding dress and didn’t want to agonize over the choices, nor could she fathom having to make a list of who would come to her wedding. Having said that, when Baldwin revealed all to her, she couldn’t have been more thrilled about the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with.

Catie was under the impression they were going to go hiking in Vail and take in the scenery, but Zach had other ideas. As the ascended the summit of the mountain, Catie was emotional and overcome with joy when her boyfriend popped the all important question.

After giving Zach a resounding yes, she recalled in a Facebook post “He told me ‘Everyone is here, but I have a second question for you.’ I look up and see his family and a few friends come running down to celebrate. ‘I have a second question. Would you want to get married today? Everything is set up. Your dress, plans and EVERYONE is here.'”


As for her dress, Catie explained how her mom and sister picked one out while her two best friends picked another for the bride to choose between. She chose the one that she was most comfortable in and she was ready to walk down the aisle.

Bossard added,”The ceremony was on top of Vail mountain overlooking the most beautiful view I have ever seen. One of my best friends and fellow coaches, Bryce, married us about 4 hours after the engagement. Zach’s friend, Landon was even there to help get everything on camera. I will never fully understand what was going on in Zach’s head but I am certain he knows me better than anyone in this world.”


Needless to say, Catie was thrilled at her husband’s decision and her heartfelt message read:

“What I wanted was to marry my best friend. I wanted exactly what Zach gave me. Love. Friendship. A sense of peace when he’s around. Marriage is so much more than a wedding or party.”