Check Out These Stylishly Sustainable Looks for the Man of the Night

Every groom wishes to look perfect on his wedding day. The fashion world has been evolving and doing its best to provide more sustainable options that aren’t only stylish but also good for the environment. Here are some of the top picks that will make you smart and sustainable!

Sustainable Suits

The Ultra Suit by Tranzed could be the perfect green choice. According to the brand’s designers, the two-piece suit is not only waterproof but also has features like anti-odor, ultra-stretchable, wrinkle-free, and breathable fabric, and UV protection. The suit is sustainably created from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds and can be worn on numerous occasions. It smoothly combines form and function and is environmentally friendly.


Another way to go about it is to rent a suit for the occasion; it won’t only be pocket-friendly but will also be a healthier option for the environment. The Cornwall Suit Room is a great option in this case. According to Alan Walker from the Cornwall Suit Room, their company has been following an eco-friendly dry cleaning process, which helps keep the environment clean and increases the life of their suits as well. Minimizing their business’s impact on the environment has always been a key goal for them. Most of the waistcoats and neckwear in their collection are made by Heirloom Waistcoats and Anthony Formal Wear.

Long-Lasting Shirts

A groom’s outfit wouldn’t be complete without a wonderful shirt. Arthur & Henry’s organic cotton shirts are a great fit. Their cotton is sourced from certified Fairtrade organic farming organizations. All their shirts have horizontal bottom buttonholes to avoid splaying and are longer in length, so one doesn’t have to struggle with tucking them. One could never go wrong with a white, blue, or Chislet double cuff shirt with a fine herringbone weave for a traditional look or a white Oxford weave shirt with or without a button-down collar for a somewhat more laid-back appearance. For a touch of luxury, their signature shirt with understated orange trimming is a great option.

Brands’ Take on Sustainability

Today, every brand is making a conscious effort to become more eco-friendly. Be it through changing their process or the raw material they use, Theory’s Good Collection is a prominent example of it. For a long time now, their goal has been to alter the way they create their garments and make their hallmark textiles 100% traceable by 2025. They source their raw materials from mills that have similar goals and provide high quality.

Instead of a Honeymoon, Consider a Buddymoon With Friends

If you’re more of a social buttery and are planning on getting married, the idea of going on a buddymoon, instead of a traditional honeymoon, might be appealing. Don’t worry, you’ll still be with your partner, but you’ll also have some close friends with you on the trip, too.

What’s a Buddymoon?

Friends enjoying their buddymoon time A buddymoon is like a honeymoon, but instead of going somewhere with just your significant other after the wedding, you go with them plus a few close friends. There is still time for alone time since no one says how you have to spend the trip, but it’s nice to also be able to do some things with your friends by your side. Here are some popular destinations for buddymoons.

1. The Surf Club, Miami, Florida

The Surf Club, Miami, Florida In northern Miami, you’ll find some quieter beaches and also a refined selection of restaurants and shops. You can rent a cabana for you, your partner, and some friends where you’ll have access to a pool, couches, AC, and more.

2. Hotel Esencia, Mexico

Hotel Esencia, Mexico This hotel in the Mayan Riviera is located on a 50-acre estate. It was constructed to be a private hideaway for Italian royals, but now it consists of secluded grounds that are in close proximity to the beach. You can rent out a private villa for you and your crew so that you can spend days exploring the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza or Tulum. There’s also the opportunity to go diving, snorkeling, and relax on the beach as you sip margaritas.

3. The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, Reykjavík, Iceland

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, Reykjavík, Iceland Just outside of Reykjavík, there is a majestic retreat that is located right on the side of an 800-year-old lava field and it’s completely decked out with minimalistic and chic decor. Your crew can spend days relaxing in Blue Lagoon’s waters, having custom massages, and beauty treatments.