6 Responsibilities of the Groom’s Mother on the Big Day

As the mother of the groom, you have a few key responsibilities when your son gets married. While there are some things that mothers don’t require any help with, there are some that they can get creative with in order to make their job easier and also more memorable for their children’s special day. Here are six common responsibilities that you have on this big day.

Before the Wedding

As the mother of the groom, your responsibilities include sending out a save-the-date card, finding a venue for the wedding ceremony, celebrating, creating a budget with your son and his fiance, creating a wedding list, and coordinating with the remaining preparations.

Wedding Planning

From catering to flower arrangements, you can be a great help in wedding planning. In addition to that, you can be a part of the bride’s fitting. This will provide the bride with another person who is familiar with the groom. You can even come over to help plan and organize the table arrangements and more.

Guest List

You can help gather names and addresses for any family members and friends who will be invited to the wedding once it’s been decided who will make the final cut. When the responses start coming in, you can also help organize them by family and friends in order to plan seating arrangements. Additionally, you should also help your son address thank-you notes after the wedding.

Planning the Ceremony

Different people have different beliefs and this is where you can be of great help to the couple. You can not only assist with all the rituals and traditions their family follows, but you can also help prepare for them. You can also let the couple know if there is any special note or heirloom that has been passed on in weddings over the years.