Perfect Wedding Day Gifts For Your Groom

After all the decisions that have to be made, time spent, and not to mention the money doled out for the big wedding, your man might feel stressed out or even isolated.

One great way to refocus on what is important- your romance- is to get him a surprise wedding day gift. It will feel like a little cherry on top for him.

Plus, after the new dress, new jewelry, and new shoes, it’s only fair he might get something too. Here are some suggestions for gifts.


1. One traditional gift to get would be something metal that is engraved with your names and the date of the wedding to commemorate the event. Some classy items your man might like would be a pocket watch, hip flask, or cufflinks.

Since we all have cell phones, it might be best to go for the cufflinks, as he can put them on right away. There are companies that will engrave the date of the wedding onto the cufflinks, giving a subtle and stylish keepsake that he can wear all the time.


2. This might seem like a simple suggestion, but get something that he would be interested in receiving. Try looking into events that he might be into- like a playoff game for his favorite team or perhaps a concert of his favorite band.

3. If he is a classic romantic, you can get a sentimental item that is a reference to milestones in your relationship. For example, you can go to an old record store and find a vinyl copy of the LP with “your song” or the song from your first dance.

record wedding

No matter what you decide to get because you give it to him on the day of your wedding, he will remember it forever. So it is not about price, but more about when and how you do it.