How to Pull Off Mismatched Groomsmen Attire

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Mismatched groomsmen attire is trending right now, and for good reason! After all, it’s not often that grown men like to dress matchy-matchy with their friends. However, if mismatched attire isn’t done properly, it can end up looking like a mess. If you do it right, though, it can look extremely coordinated and thought-out, with each person wearing what they’re comfortable with.

Give Clear Directions

Make sure your groomsmen know what is, and what isn’t, appropriate attire for the big day. It’s better to over-explain rather than leave things up for interpretation. Remember, different people have different definitions of what’s formal, and there are lots of shades of blue, so be extremely specific in your instructions.

Choose a Unifying Element

While you don’t want your groomsmen to be overly matchy, you do want them to stand out from the other wedding guests. Having one unifying element to their outfits can help clarify things during the party. It will also make photos look a lot more cohesive. This unifying element can be a tie, shoes, jacket, or anything else that’s noticeable.

Keep the Wedding Theme in Mind

While you want to give your groomsmen freedom, you don’t want your wedding photos’ aesthetic to be chaos. Designer Daniel Mofor recommends, “Guide the groomsmen in integrating their personal style with the wedding theme.”

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The more desicive and clear you are, the easier choosing an outfit will be for them.