How to Choose Men’s Engagement Photo Attire for a Picture-Perfect Shoot

How to Choose Men’s Engagement Photo Attire for a Picture-Perfect Shoot

In engagement photos, it is usually the bride-to-be who becomes the main character, but the grooms-to-be also have their part to play. A critical part of this process is picking the perfect outfit that complements the groom’s style and persona. Jerod Wallburn from the Black Tux shares details on how to create a uniquely personalized look for these important photos.

Build Your Look Around Wardrobe Favorites

First, go through your closet and consider what you already own. However, if you find yourself tempted to buy a new outfit, Walburn recommends that you start with one of your favorite outfits.

A beloved jacket might be your go-to, or perhaps it is your button-up dress shirt, or your well-worn leather boots that have accompanied you on numerous journeys. By including some of your favorite fashion staples, your look will become trendy yet comfortable for you.

Pay Attention to the Details

Walburn emphasizes how important it is to care about the little details while dressing up. When refining your outfit, consider substituting a few everyday items with more refined versions. Trade your typical sneakers for a pair of stylish lace-ups or fresh sneakers. Swap your well-worn athletic t-shirt for a solid cotton tee or a sharp button-up shirt.

Pay Attention to the Details

Elevate your look further with men’s jewelry, such as watches, chains, bracelets, or signet rings. If you prefer a more classic look, there’s no need to follow trends; timeless and simple designs can be equally appealing.

Adapt Your Attire to the Location

Your outfit should go well with the location of the engagement photoshoot. Formal suits in a casual setting or casual clothes in a sophisticated place will create a visual disruption.

Therefore, select clothing that goes with the site by imagining what you would wear if you went there for another purpose. Think of it as wearing what fits the mood of the place.

Incorporate Your Personal Style

Regardless of the season, venue, or color scheme for your engagement photos, your personal style should be front and center. Don’t feel compelled to stifle your style. Whether you’re someone who stays on top of the latest trends or prefers a classic look, stay true to yourself.

For those who don’t frequently wear full suits, you can maintain a polished yet comfortable appearance by pairing a dress shirt without a tie and substituting a blazer for a jacket. Stick to timeless colors like black, neutrals, browns, and navy. Avoid excessive logos and brand names. And unless it’s part of the theme, leave your baseball cap at home.