The Complete Guide to Buy the Groom’s Wedding Band

When we hear the word ‘engagement ring’ or ‘wedding ring,’ it’s always the bride’s ring that pops instantly in our minds. But, a groom’s wedding band is a similarly crucial part of the ceremony. That’s why, picking the perfect wedding band for the groom, is an essential part of wedding planning. Just like the bride, the groom also cherishes this little piece of wedding ornament, throughout his life. So, before shopping for that special jewelry, go through these professional-proof guidelines.

The Metal

The concept of ‘one style fits all’ in the case of men’s-wears and accessories, is completely outdated. Nowadays grooms choose the base material of the wedding bands depending on their personal styles and preferences. While yellow gold brings out the timeless, iconic, heritage look, white gold is becoming popular recently for adding a tad dazzling finish. Undeniably the class-apart option is platinum. In an affordable range, tungsten is a newer offering, sometimes coming with a rustic finish.

The Style

Dating back to WWII, the classic dome profile is the one, which stands as timeless. But there is a range of other options available with creative modern variations. These provide the opportunity for subtle yet meaningful styling, to better suit the groom’s personality and lifestyle. And, there’s always the hi-end option of bespoke designing, for an exclusive personal or emotional touch.

Average Cost

The cost of a wedding band varies depending on the material and style. With a wide range of different options to choose from, there are truly phenomenal pieces are available in almost every price range. The average price of a tungsten band is $200-300, while a gold one comes within $350-1000, depending on the carat. The platinum bands cost between $1,000-1,200. Any additional styling like engraving, gemstones, or embellishments can add to the final price tag.