Groom Experiences “Just the Best Thing in the World” by Watching His Paralyzed Bride Walking Down the Aisle

Brittney and Glen Hitchcock Courtesy Brittney Hitchcock

For all the grooms in the world, seeing their brides walking down the aisle is one of the most amazing experiences ever. For Glen Hitchcock, it was not the same, but a bit more, when he became emotional seeing his paralyzed bride walking down the aisle on their wedding day.

The Miracle Maker

Brittany and Glen Hitchcock Courtesy Brittany Hitchcock

Walking down the aisle in a long bridal gown and veil was never a cakewalk for 26 years old Brittney, the new wife of 29 years old Glen. Four years ago, Brittney became paralyzed in an ATV crash and been told by the Indiana doctors, that she would never walk again in life. But the mom of two refused to accept that and got determined almost immediately to turn her own fate. She started to keep pushing herself to do the impossible. Her resolution only got strengthened in April 2018, when she started dating Glen. Eventually, Glen proposed a year and a half later, and the couple prepared themselves to welcome their first child together. Brittney’s iron spirit finally made the miracle, when the pregnant mom of two walked down the aisle toward her groom, just with the help of a walker.

The Struggle Behind

The couple and the family went through a tiring emotional ordeal during the last four years. It was particularly nerve-wracking for Brittney, who left no stone unturned to defy all odds. After watching her sisters walk down the aisle with her father, Brittney got inspired to overcome the physical obstacle to do the same in her own wedding. Like an ideal supportive partner, Glen was also there to keep her focused in every step of the recovery. Glen recalled the experience as draining from time to time, but none of them stopped pushing harder the boundaries and supporting each other. Glen rooted for Brittney’s willpower and was confident about the success to happen one way or another. Making it true, after a serious infection and several surgeries, Brittney was finally discharged from the hospital and started undergoing regular physical therapy.

The Big Day

As imagined, there were lots of happy tears and emotional moments on the day of their wedding. Seeing her bride walking towards him down the aisle, was “just the best thing in the world” for Glen, who was enthralled by every type of emotion at that amazing moment. Seeing family and friends in tears, present there for Glen and her, was a very touching experience for Brittney. Now, the Wonder Woman is preparing herself for walking a longer journey than the aisle.

The Post-Lockdown Era Comes With a Set of New Rules of Bridal Beauty

After facing the long lockdown, brides and grooms around the world are now getting ready to finally throw their postponed bridal bashes. But, like our mundane lifestyle, the long-practiced concepts of the big day have undergone a sea change during this period. Transforming the idea of bridal beauty, the self-retrospective modern brides are now coming with new rules for a sophisticated bridal look.

Long-Prepped Skin

Long-term skin preparation is the main key to bridal beauty, to achieve the ultimate naturally glowing complexion. Maintaining a diet of antioxidant-rich foods, avoiding skin stressors, and incorporating treatments like cleansing facials and peels are important to have the skin ready for the big day in its optimal state. Gentle care and skin-protective home regimens work wonderfully to return the damaged skin to its healthy baseline. After a few months of investment, the glowing bride will be ready for walking the aisle with deeply nourished, hydrated, and even-toned skin.

Makeup for a No-Makeup Look

This is an important trick of modern beauty. Minimal, natural-looking makeup is more creative and intimate, which brings out the best true persona of the bride. The effortless approach fills the otherwise exaggerated big wedding day with refreshing air. It will also showcase the lifestyle effort the bride took for months with diets and skincare regime, by optimizing the natural glow. All it takes are just a good primer, lightweight base, minimum amount of eye and lips makeup, highlighter, bronzing powder, and a good blush. The key point here is to give plenty of time to blend the foundation into the skin, before wearing any makeup.

Classic Long Locks

Bridal hairstyles have taken a backward turn toward being more traditional. Those who love to sport a short trendy haircut on regular basis, are also taking a different turn for their wedding by letting their hair grow naturally. Though aftermath, they can’t wait to be back in their previous version! Instead of elaborate headbands or complex decoration, brides recently have been choosing simpler styles like ponytails, soft curls, or classic up-dos with free-falling curls to create timeless beauty.