Wholesome Groom Shares Vows With His Bride’s Son

Instagram // @dakadavid_

Marrying someone who has children means that you’re taking on the role of a parent as well as a partner. It’s not just about your bride or groom, it’s about their children as well. Eldridge Buchanan seemed to understand that perfectly when he married Asia Green in October 2023. Not only did Buchanan share vows with Green, but he also made vows to his bride’s seven-year-old son, Kayden.

The Vows

Wedding photographers and videographers Daka David and A Love Experience posted Buchanan’s vows on Instagram in a video that now has over 45,000 likes. In the clip, Eldridge addressed Kayden saying, “I want you to know, Kayden, that we’re going [to] have fun. We’re definitely going to do homework. But I want you to know that with everything in my body, Kayden, I’m going to pour into you to make sure that you grow up to be the young black king that you are. I’m gonna teach you how to be a leader. I’m gonna teach you how to be a man of integrity, a man of respect, a man who values himself. Most importantly, I’ma show you every single day what it looks like for a man to love a woman to love his family, and to lead his family so that when you grow up, you will know exactly what that looks like, and you’ll know exactly what that feels like. So, I vow to you from this day forward that I’m gonna love you, I’m gonna teach you, I’m gonna guide you, and I’m gonna pour into you because you are a king. And you’re my king. I love you, man.”

The Couple’s Response

After the video went viral, Buchanan was invited to an interview on Good Morning America where he revealed that he made the decision to give that speech just five minutes before the ceremony. He said, “It was just kind of a heartfelt moment, a reiteration of things that we talk about on a daily basis. I just really wanted him to know in that special moment not only was I going to give a vow to his mom, but I was giving a vow to him as well—as my son.” Green added, “It feels very special, just being able to find someone, a good partner, to be able to share these responsibilities with and to rely on and to have such a good role model for Kayden.”

Instagram // @dakadavid_

Congratulations to the beautiful family!