Dressed to Impress: Groom Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Dressed to Impress: Groom Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Weddings are often a spectacle of the bride’s gown, and sometimes the groom’s fashion choices can sometimes take a back seat. Beyond the conventional suit and tie, groom fashion is a nuanced interplay of colors, accessories, and personalized style.

Dean Handspiker, vice president of retail at Indochino, shares his insights on steering clear of groom fashion pitfalls. By avoiding these common mistakes, grooms can ensure that their wedding day ensemble not only complements the celebration but also reflects their unique style and personality. Here is everything you need to know!

Wearing a Poorly Fitted Suit or Tuxedo

An impeccable wedding look starts with the details of the suit/tux, especially the tailoring aspect. It’s not just about a suit that fits well; instead, it’s about the groom’s style.

Wearing a Poorly Fitted Suit or Tuxedo

Don’t just focus on the length of your jacket sleeves and trouser legs, also pay attention to collar styles and lapels for a well-rounded look.

Not Coordinating With Your Partner

It’s not a theory—it’s a visual necessity that everything harmonizes in appearance. Color matching is more than that, it also involves getting into tune with the selected color scheme and the theme of the project.

It does not matter whether people wear shared jewelry metals and boutonnières, or have matching accessories. The coordination simply works and enhances the visual storyline of the wedding day. Talk about a good look for a wedding day!

Last Minute Shopping

The wedding day preparations do not have to involve procrastination, particularly with the wedding dress. Leaving the shopping for your outfit till the eleventh hour is a no-no!

Three months prior to the event, Handspiker says you should commit to a dress and make the necessary fittings. The foresight guarantees a hitch-free moment for the groom and their partner—and less stress, too.

Wearing Too Many Accessories

Accessories add flair to the groom’s attire, but a strategic approach is essential. Handspiker advice on opting for subtle yet trendy additions, such as printed ties or pocket squares, elegant cufflinks, and sleek footwear. But, maybe not all of them at the same time.

Striking the right balance ensures that accessories enhance, rather than overpower, the overall look.