What Should the Father of the Bride Choose for His Attire

Not too many people put a lot of thought into the outfit the dad of the bride should wear, but it is definitely worth discussing. The wedding of a dad’s daughter is a huge event in his life, and he’ll definitely be a major part of the ceremonies involved. This certainly is a good reason dads should look for help when planning their outfits. So, what should the father of the bride and groom consider for their wedding attire?

The Fathers Should Fall In Line With the Groom and His Entourage

Father of the Bride Wears a Similar Attire as the Groom
Experts say that the fathers of the bride and groom should wear an outfit that generally falls in line with that of the groom and his groomsmen. This does not mean that the father of the bride or groom should copy the groomsmen completely but rather complement them in terms of formality and color.

It is always good for people planning to attend a wedding to prepare as early as possible. Once the dress code and vision for the groomsmen’s attire are set, the father of the bride or groom should be made aware of the decisions that were made. This is crucial because it allows the dads to plan what they would wear and implement their own ideas.

Accessories Are Just As Important for the Father of the Bride

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The father of the groom and the father of the bride should not be matching the groomsmen’s accessories. Dads can wear ties, bow ties, or a pocket square and should again complement what the groomsmen are wearing. There is also a different option available – the father can choose to coordinate his accessories with his wife and her dress. Ideally, those would be in the same color family so everything can look perfect in photos.

As for the shoes and belt, the father of the bride does not have to match the groomsmen, but many detail-oriented brides opt to set the same color for the belts and shoes of the groomsmen and fathers.