Here’s How You Can Choose the Right Fabric for Your Wedding Suit

Understanding fabrics is not an easy task. But it is important to know the rights and the wrongs, especially if you’re a groom ready to begin your wedding shopping. But there is something you might have never considered before. When you begin looking for the ideal suit for your big day, there are a few things that you might want to keep at the top of your mind. The most important of all is the fabric and the material. You might not believe it but this can make or break the deal for you. Choosing the right material for your wedding outfit can impact your style as well as the fit. But how can you understand which one to go for? Let’s understand fabrics!


Well, most of the suits you might find in the market may be made with a blend of two different fabrics, wool usually being the primary one. This is mostly paired with linen, cotton, and silk. This can be a good choice if you make the decision wisely.


For people who want a light-weighted suit, this fabric choice is the best one you can make. The material feels very soft on your skin and at the same time looks luxurious. However, it comes with a price that might not fit the pockets of every groom.


More and more grooms are moving towards velvet suits these days, not only because it is soft but also for how royal it looks. If you are planning to get yourself a tuxedo, velvet is the answer to your fabric needs.


Planning to tie the knot during chilly, snowy winters? Well, there is nothing better than flannel suits for you. This fabric is used in sportswear because of its warmth quality. Since the fabric is so warm, it does appear thicker than a normal suit but that won’t affect your style.


This high-end fabric is perfect for people who are getting married on a chilly day but at the same time do not want to get a suit made out of wool. The finish is far better than wool and it will keep you warm too. However, this is only for the grooms who have a good budget for the big day.


If you are going to utter the words “I do” during spring or summer, chambray cotton is what you should go for. Although the look of this material is a bit similar to denim, it is not at all heavy and makes you feel breezy on a sunny day.

These Are the Best Bridal Trends to Hold Onto From 2019

Are you one of the brides-to-be who prefer to say “I do” in the golden months of autumn? If yes, the following wedding trends from 2019 will help you master your bridal style. Autumn is unpredictable when it comes to weather conditions, but designers have proved that there’s no need to sacrifice style for warmth or vice versa.

Bridal Separates

These Are the Best Bridal Trends to Hold Onto From 2019

With endless combinations, your wedding day look can be perfectly tailored to the climate of your destination. Plus, choosing a gown made of two pieces is quite possibly the best way to wear your bridal look again and again.

Wedding day outfits could be weather-proofed by adding detachable sleeves, tops, or overskirts, which can be easily removed or swapped out — ready for an evening of dancing.

Statement Sleeves

These Are the Best Bridal Trends to Hold Onto From 2019

Wedding dresses with sleeves during this time of the year are a great idea for the brides-to-be who want to express their style and feel comfortable during the event. According to Alice Temperley — founder of Temperley Bridal — bell sleeves can add drama to any wedding dress and long sleeves can help keep the chill away.

Skip the White Wedding Trends

These Are the Best Bridal Trends to Hold Onto From 2019

There’s no doubt that colorful wedding dresses are commonplace on the runway during Bridal Fashion Week, but it’s good to note that the concept is yet to catch on in the mainstream. Designers are doing their best to change that. While Brear suggests going for opulent golds, Temperley recommends embracing the beautiful autumnal color palette that comes with the new season through intricate details in the wedding dresses.

Lift the Veil

These Are the Best Bridal Trends to Hold Onto From 2019

If you want to add a finishing touch to your bridal look, then you should think about the accessories. You can go for a traditional veil, which will add a touch of old-world drama to your ensemble, but you can skip the veil in favor of more modern alternatives like headbands.