Don’t Let Your Groom Make These Fashion Mistakes

It may be typical for brides to  be to spend inordinate amounts of time choosing every last detail for their wedding, but grooms to be often don’t put nearly the same amount of effort into the event organization. Because of that, men are often at a loss when it comes time to decide what to wear on their wedding day. Here are some tips to help them avoid a fashion faux pas on your big day.

Don’t Tell Him To Try Something New


Even if you always dreamed of your man trying out a scruffier look, if it’s not his usual look, your wedding isn’t the day for him to try it out. Brad Pattison, the fashion director of the online suit rental outlet called The Black Tux says, “The goal is for him to look like his most refined, authentic self.”

Keep The Accessories To A Minimum


Men can get overwhelmed with all the accoutrements that can accompany a suit, but if he tries to wear everything at once, he’ll just end up looking silly. Pattison recommends keeping it simple. If he wants a partial outfit change between the ceremony and the reception, he should go for it, but don’t let him go too crazy.

Don’t Expect Him To Suddenly Know Fashion

If your guy has  never been one for fashion, he isn’t likely to suddenly take an interest in designers just because you’re getting married. Pattison recommends having him ask his most knowledgeable groomsman to take charge of the suits if he’s clueless when it comes to style. If none of the guys care, then it’s totally fine for the bride to take charge.

Let Him Choose His Ring


The options when it comes to rings are endless, but even if you have a preference, let him be the one to make his own choice. Men aren’t usually as well versed in buying jewelry, and this very well may be the first piece he’s ever bought for himself.

“It really comes down to a gut choice,” says Pattison. “Tell him to pay attention to the wedding rings of other guys he knows that he admires and base his decision on that.”

Get His Suit Altered Ahead Of Time


Your man may have a knack for pulling through at the last minute, but in general, it’s better not to leave the changes to the last minute. It’s a cost you will also have to factor in if you plan on buying the suit. “If you’re renting a suit,” says Pattison, “make sure you are working with a company that’s reputable, has good customer service, and ships out at least two weeks in advance of the wedding date.”