The Best Diamond Wedding Bands for Men

Unique Diamond Wedding Bands for Grooms

Weddings are a very important event for the couple getting married. This makes it even more vital that proper attention be given to each and every detail for both the bride and the groom. Naturally, this also applies to engagement rings and wedding bands.

The Choices

There is a general conception that engagement rings have a lot of variety in make and material, but wedding bands do not. However, as the years go by, there have been innovations in design, even for wedding bands for men that also include diamonds. Lately, wedding bands have been making use of diamonds, whether subtly or more extravagantly. This gives grooms a wide array of options to choose from. Looking for a wedding band for your big day? Read on to know the best choices that will give you distinct beauty and elegance.

Ben Bridge Bella Ponte Gents Diamond Wedding Ring

This wedding band has a fresh, brushed look with a subtle pizazz that can be felt through the diamond studs visible from one side, thereby giving it a uniquely discrete look.

Tiffany & Co. Atlas X Closed Wide Ring

Tiffany & Co. Atlas X Closed Wide Ring

Going for a vintage and sophisticated look for your wedding day? This rose gold band, with a sleek finish complemented by diamond Roman numerals, is the perfect choice.

Brilliant Earth Borealis Men’s Diamond Wedding Ring

This platinum ring has a main attraction in the form of a center round-cut diamond, along with other eye-catching details. These include beveled edges and a matte finish that make the ring one of a kind.

Verlas 1-Trail Nick-Set Rose Gold Men’s Wedding Ring

This classic yellow band appears to be a simple one at first glance. However, once you look closely, there is a charming contrast between the gold base and the row of seven nick-set diamonds.

Ben Bridge TRITON Stone Channel Set Diamond Men’s Wedding Band

Ben Bridge TRITON Stone Channel Set Diamond Men’s Wedding Band

Presenting an attractive contrast with the black tungsten against the diamonds, this wedding band is specifically crafted for relaxed wear with a white tungsten bevel edge.

Brilliant Earth Avalon Eternity Men’s Diamond Wedding Ring

With a unique design with two rows of diamonds at the top and bottom edges of the ring, this ring’s rounded inside edge makes it a comfortable and aesthetic accessory.

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany True Band Ring With Diamonds

Best suited for grooms who want a distinctive or stackable look, this thin band made of rose gold with beveled edges features a combination of diamonds and lines.

This Is the First-Ever Unique Jewelry Collection for Men by Brilliant Earth.

Suppose you want to select a perfect gift for your father or you want to surprise your partner with an anniversary present. In that case, the jewelry brand Brilliant Earth has everything you’re looking for in their first-ever, unique, men’s jewelry collection.

The Variety

The 22-piece collection consists of cufflinks, ID bracelets, pendant necklaces, bracelets, rings, and beveled link chain necklaces. Some select pieces, such as the cufflinks and bracelets, also feature striking black onyx inlays. Ryan Atlas, the product design director of the company, clarifies that the onyx’s black color contrasts with silver and gold metal tones and makes the ornament look contemporary. The company also offers the option of personalization in select models and styles like ID Bracelets, pendants, and cufflinks. To engrave their pieces, the customer must use Brilliant Earth’s online visualization and customization tools. Then, they can have their preferred pieces engraved with their SO’s initials.

Composition of the Jewelry

Regarding jewelry composition, Atlas informed that every piece comprises 93% recycled gold and 99.8% recycled silver. He explained that it’s done to reduce dirty gold’s influence and ensure less demand for newly mined metals. It also aims at contributing to the improvement of small-scale mining practices. The company has a policy of working with certified vendors of recycled precious metals. It’s done because Brilliant Earth recognizes that metal mining and gold mining have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, to sustain the environment, the company has adopted the policy of using recycled metal bought from certified vendors. The men’s collection is available online at their official website and in the brand’s showrooms. The range of the collection varies from $195 to $2,995. Accessorizing men’s outfits just got a whole lot easier, and fun!