Dress Up in a Bold Colored Suit on Your Big Day

Gone are the days when people used to go for only black suits on their big day. Just like the beloved brides, grooms have also started exploring various options. It’s the era of bold and bright colors! If you’re also about to tie the knot and want to look your best, here’s how you can try something new and fresh!

Deep Tan

If you’re having a fall wedding or a gorgeous beach wedding, you can never go wrong with a deep tan suit. Not only does it look sophisticated and classic, but it also blends well with the surroundings. To take the look a level up, add black accessories. You will look amazingly handsome and a tan suit pairs up beautifully with a white bridal dress.

Dard Red

People who are in love with bold, bright colors will definitely love the idea of wearing a dark red suit on their big day. The inspiration for this outfit comes right from the Burberry suit edition. The designers have just the right shade of red for you and we assure you that everyone will fall head over heels in love the moment you put it on.

Green and Brown

Something that people have recently started liking is a dark green color suit. Just imagine yourself in a nicely fitted green blazer on top of a crisp white shirt and a brown tie. This combination can never go wrong. Make sure your other accessories such as shoes, pocket squares, etc. match your tie. There’s no doubt that your better half will jump with excitement when she finds you standing at the altar.

Get Inspired by the Weather

In case you’re not sure about the color, one of the best ways to look your best at your wedding is by considering the season. There are colors that might not look good throughout the year but look dashing during a certain season. For instance, for a winter wedding, something out of the jewel tones can’t go wrong. Similarly, pastel tones are for hot summery days.

Floral Prints

If you’re confident that you can pull off any piece of clothing, then go ahead and give floral prints a chance. Being in fashion for quite a few years now, floral prints can be seen everywhere. However, it’s very unlikely to see a groom dressed up in a suit like such. But if you think you can pull it off, why not give it a try?

This Is the First-Ever Unique Jewelry Collection for Men by Brilliant Earth.

Suppose you want to select a perfect gift for your father or you want to surprise your partner with an anniversary present. In that case, the jewelry brand Brilliant Earth has everything you’re looking for in their first-ever, unique, men’s jewelry collection.

The Variety

The 22-piece collection consists of cufflinks, ID bracelets, pendant necklaces, bracelets, rings, and beveled link chain necklaces. Some select pieces, such as the cufflinks and bracelets, also feature striking black onyx inlays. Ryan Atlas, the product design director of the company, clarifies that the onyx’s black color contrasts with silver and gold metal tones and makes the ornament look contemporary. The company also offers the option of personalization in select models and styles like ID Bracelets, pendants, and cufflinks. To engrave their pieces, the customer must use Brilliant Earth’s online visualization and customization tools. Then, they can have their preferred pieces engraved with their SO’s initials.

Composition of the Jewelry

Regarding jewelry composition, Atlas informed that every piece comprises 93% recycled gold and 99.8% recycled silver. He explained that it’s done to reduce dirty gold’s influence and ensure less demand for newly mined metals. It also aims at contributing to the improvement of small-scale mining practices. The company has a policy of working with certified vendors of recycled precious metals. It’s done because Brilliant Earth recognizes that metal mining and gold mining have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, to sustain the environment, the company has adopted the policy of using recycled metal bought from certified vendors. The men’s collection is available online at their official website and in the brand’s showrooms. The range of the collection varies from $195 to $2,995. Accessorizing men’s outfits just got a whole lot easier, and fun!