The Battle Between a Bowtie or Necktie for Grooms

Trying to choose what kind of accessories to choose for your suit can be a hard decision for any groom. The worst part? The battle between a bowtie and a necktie rages on – but it might not be as daunting as it first seems.

The Battle Between a Bowtie or Necktie for Grooms

The Official Difference

The easiest way to decide between a bowtie and a necktie is to think about how formal the situation will be. Neckties are typically for less-formal occasions where you would arrive in a plain suit. Bowties are usually reserved for more formal events, such as black-tie occasions or those that require a tuxedo.

When To Wear A Bowtie

If you’re wearing a tux, then it’s usually standard to opt for a bowtie as your choice of tie. The same goes for a pleated shirt. They are typically designed with button studs that would be covered by a necktie. You wouldn’t want to cover up the details, right?

The Battle Between a Bowtie or Necktie for Grooms

When To Wear a Necktie

A traditional suit is usually key for wearing a necktie. However, that’s not the only time they can be used. If you feel more comfortable in a necktie or you want to blend into the crowd slightly, a necktie is a good way to make sure you feel happy for the day ahead.

Making A Statement

Some grooms decide to rip up the rulebook and opt for no tie at all. This can be pushed one step further by unbuttoning the top one or two buttons or being left done all the way to the top like an air tie. On the other hand, bowties are more unusual, so you might make more of a statement if you opt for one for the big day.

There are no written rules about what kind of tie you should wear for the big day. The battle between a bowtie or a necktie all comes down to what makes you feel the best.