Artist’s Comics Tackle Everyday Quirks of Married Life

A few years of marriage can really test the limits of a couple. You experience everything together – the good, the bad, and everything in between. Artist Yehuda Devir decided to tell the tale of his young marriage and daily life through a collection of comics.


Devir is an artist based in Tel Aviv, Israel. He told the Huffington Post that his wife Maya helps him with his comics. Devir puts the illustration together, but Maya helps him build the concept for each piece and choose the colors. He said, “Maya is a very talented artist as well. Better than me I think. But she’ll be angry that I said it.”

To strengthen the authenticity of each illustration, Devir digs into his own relationship for inspiration. Each picture is based on real moments that he shared with Maya.

Of course, he does take some creative license when putting them together. For instance, one photo shows the wife telling her husband to stop biting his nails. The husband brushes her off by saying “Never,” even though he has torn his fingers apart to the bone.

Another has no text but shows the husband cleaning the house of all his wife’s hair. One of the funniest comics comes from when Yehuda tried to wake Maya for her birthday. The husband is celebrating as the wife, lying in bed, replies, “Leave me alone! I’m old!!!” It seems exactly like a conversation between a husband and wife.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 11.51.30 AM

Yehuda and Maya first met while serving in the army. At first, they were just close friends, but they developed a romantic relationship over time. Yehuda said, “What made our relationship work very well from the beginning was the fact that we were very good friends before. We highly respect each other and accept both the good and the bad things of each other.

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