The Zola and Pantora Bridal Collaboration Is Body and Budget Inclusive

With more than two million couples getting married every year, Zola has decided to team up with Pantora Bridal to create inclusive wedding products for people from all over the world. Pantora Exclusive for Zola is the first wedding-wear collaboration, and its products are available at Zola’s Wedding Boutique, where clients can also find any other product for their big day. The launch was made up of seven celebratory looks that are now available in sizes that range from XS to XXL and go for around two to three hundred dollars.

The Wedding-wear Collaboration of Zola and Pantora Bridal Is Quite Inclusive

CEO and Co-Founder of Zola, Shan-Lyn Ma, stated that everyone involved was focused on creating the perfect assortment for couples who want to get married, regardless of their size, style, budget, or background. The outfits the new collaboration is putting out are also supposed to be timeless and can be worn at other events in addition to weddings.

The founder of Pantora Bridal, Andrea Pitter, also stands behind the line’s modern and feminine look. All of this proves that there actually is a perfect fit for every different body, budget, and wedding occasion. In addition to its inclusivity, the stunning collection also shines with its combination of classic silhouettes and modern textiles and details.

Andrea Pitter Designed the Exclusive Collection With Zola Couples In Mind

The Brooklyn-based Jamaican American designer Andrea Pitter had a lot of fun creating the exclusive collection for Zola. She said she appreciated how open the company was to introduce more flamboyant, flashy, and celebratory looks into their assortment. Still, the designer said Zola couples are usually hip, stylish, and modern people, and she had designed the exclusive collection with them in mind.

Andrea also had a bit of advice to give to couples who are shopping from this new collection. She said they should have fun with it and imagine themselves in the clothing as if they would wear it on events other than wedding days. According to her, the clothes can be perfect for bridal showers, birthdays, and other events and can even be repurposed.