Choosing The Right Pair Of Wedding Shoes

So many aspects of your wedding must be perfect before the big day. One detail you will certainly not forget is your wedding shoes. With a combination of elegance and comfort, you can show off to your guests while dancing the night away. This is how you know that you chose the right pair for your big day.


Keep An Eye On Height Your wedding day is a marathon, not a sprint. The last thing you want is tired feet from heels that are simply too high. Generally speaking, most people choose heels three inches or below to reach that maximum level of comfort and style. If you have no problem with heels, feel free to kick out those four-inch heels.

Take A Twirl Test Dancing at a wedding can be a highlight, but make sure to keep both of your shoes on. To prevent an instance where your shoe flies off, give each pair a twirl test. Look into shoes with at least one strap to secure your shoe. Also, an ankle strap will help with comfort on higher heels.


Easy With The Decorations While it might seem like a stylish idea to select shoes with crystals or 3D beading, however, it is not as practical as you might think. The design embellishments can easily get caught on your dress, especially if it comes below your ankles. Test this out before making any purchases by running a piece of sample fabric over the shoe and see how it responds. If budget allows, it’s not a bad idea to have a second pair of shoes to avoid dress tearing.

Size Appropriately You might think you know your shoe size, but make sure to try on multiple pairs in multiple sizes for the best fit. If the wedding is in a hot location, your feet might swell, so keep that in mind. One tip is to go shoe shopping after you’ve been on your feet a lot. Your feet should be a bit swollen and give a more accurate measure.

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