The Up and Coming Wedding Gowns of 2022

When it comes to wedding gowns, the saying that ‘fashion recycles itself’ justifies the true essence of any wedding gown trend. With time, we can see that the ’60s and ’90s fashion elements have made a come-back into modern-day fashion. Be it the small details such as the particular type of lacework or the puffy sleeves, we are in for a treat. These are our top picks for the up-and-coming wedding dresses of 2022!


Whether you grew up dreaming of being an angel, a queen, or a modern-day version of a Disney princess at your wedding, the new FW22 Breta collection is going to bring the best elements of each to you. Berta Balitti recently announced that they are going to use newer and unique fabrics, designs, and the kind of detail that has never been seen in traditional bridal gowns. You will be in for a surprise with their new fusion designs which bring the classic and the modern together.

Halfpenny London

If you want to be a ‘little extra’ at your wedding or if you are looking for a way to emphasize the sleeves, this is the one for you! With puffy sleeves and an orchid skirt, this is the modern-day version of a ’60s wedding dress. Kate Halfpenny recently let out the details about how the puffy sleeves are made of “meters and meters of watercolor printed organza.” So, get ready to travel back in time and have a vintage wedding!

Ines di Santo

Studded with elegance and decorated with intricate lacework, combined with a flowy long skirt, a high neck, and long bell sleeves, this dress is the perfect blend of class combined with the elegance that will transcend through time. If you want to dazzle everyone at your wedding with your pinched-down waist and delicate flowy sleeves, this is just the dress for you!