Vera Wang Partners with Pronovias to Launch an Inexpensive Designer Bridal Line

Vera Wang has been the fashion industry’s sweetheart for decades. Being the consummate rule-breaker, she has been continuously pushing the creative boundary through her designs. She has successfully changed the bridal fashion industry by altering the common notion of bridal wear. Her eponymous label is reeling the luxury wedding market with a pioneering approach of non-conformity and unique creativity. Now Wang is set to make her designer bridal collections more accessible with a brand new collaboration.

The Concept behind Vera Wang Bridal-wear

Serving traditionalism in a modern and irreverent alternative way, Chinese-American fashionista Vera Wang has changed the idea of what brides should wear on their big day. According to Wang, she has been a “renegade” of the wedding industry, by encouraging diversity and freedom of experiment to the modern brides. Her prior inexperience in bridal wear gave her a fresh new perspective on the market altogether. Her wedding dresses are now adored by the rich and famous A-listers. High-profile brides such as Gwen Stefani, Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys, and Victoria Beckham have donned Wang gowns on their wedding day.

The New Collaboration

Taking her business to the next step, Vera Wang is now focusing on making her luxury bridal label “more attainable” with a new collaboration with international bridal juggernaut Pronovias. The luxury price tag for Wang’s couture bridal gowns generally ranges from £4,000 for an entry-level dress to £36,000+ for a fully bespoke look. With the new partnership, the price range will be decreased between £1,200 and £3,000, but without compromising the quality design. The vast debut collection of the collaborative Vera Wang Bride label features 60 stunning looks, each infusing unique style with Wang’s signature craftsmanship of attention to fabric and silhouette. According to Wang, this partnership truly enables her to expand her creative idea in the “real world”, bringing design and quality to a more attainable level.

Jennifer Lopez Rocks a Glam Bridal Look on the Stage of AMA 2021

From shaggy haircuts fronted with curtain bangs to pageant-perfect blowouts, pop-queen Jennifer Lopez has emerged as the beauty queen time and time again. Her signature glowing skin and glossy over-lined pouty lips always complete the glam looks. Once again, J-Lo has awed the onlookers, appearing in a chic bridal attire at the 2021 American Music Awards, while performing her new heartfelt song On My Way.

The Look

J-Lo showed up in the ceremony in a full white corseted bridal gown completed with a veil and every other detail. But a closer look under the veil revealed glam bridal makeup, one of the most beautiful we have ever seen. The diva enhanced her expression with super dark and dramatic smoky eyes. The deep and intense makeup beautifully highlighted her eyes, almost making them pierce out from under the veil. That’s a true trendsetter one! Obviously, she didn’t fail to rock her signature ‘J-Lo glow’. Completed with popped shining cheekbones and glossy nude lips, J-Lo surely marked a new standard in bridal beauty. A polished and sleek topknot bun gave the entire look a glamorous princess vibe.

The Occasion

The look and the song both were parts of the promotion of Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming movie Marry Me. Also starring Owen Wilson and Maluma in central characters, Valentine’s Day flick features J-Lo’s On My Way along with Maluma’s new song. The rom-com tells the story of a pop star (played by J-Lo), who gets jilted at a very public wedding by her rockstar fiancé (played by Maluma), instinctively goes on to marry a stranger from her concert audience (played by Wilson). Will her rash action pay off? Well. You have to wait till February next year to get the answer. In the meantime, J-Lo is steadily on her way to steal many hearts with the magic of her voice and looks.