Top 5 Super Trendy Wedding-Worthy Masks

Wedding season is here – and with it comes the nitty-gritty of wedding fashion. While there were already 100 things to think about when it came to wedding assembles – the pandemic has added on another item that one needs to take care of. That’s right – it’s the face mask. And while all year round, we have been floating around in surgical masks or N95 – when it comes to weddings, everyone sure wants something a tad bit more stylish and chic. After all, the mask is now a part of your attire, and you want to make sure you have your A-game on.

But just like every other item in your wedding attire – you are flooding with the choice too when it comes to selecting a mask option for yourself. Be it your own wedding or a wedding you are attending as a guest – you want to make sure you have a suitable mask to go with your outfit.

We have rounded up the top 5 trending masks of the season for you. Take a look to see what best suits you.

Bridal Party Face Masks

How do you feel about your wedding party wearing the same mask? It’s an excellent way to distinguish the party from the rest of the guests. Or if you are the groom’s or brides’ friend or cousin squad – then wearing the same mask can be a nice way to distinguish the group. These customized face masks come with individual titles for everyone in your party.

Wedding Cotton Face Mask

If you are looking for something sweet and simple to give as a souvenir to your guests – then consider this wedding cotton face mask. They look elegant and are skin-friendly.

UNTTLD Lace Face Mask

If you are looking for something high-fashion to go with your wedding dress or gown, then consider these lace face masks. They feature a filter and adjustable strings.

Linen Face Masks

Another excellent option for your wedding party guest. These linen face masks look classy and can be matched to whatever color scheme you are planning. You can have two different color schemes to separate the groom’s side from the bride’s side.

Clique Plush Silk Face Mask

This beautiful facemask is made out of 100% Mulberry silk. It is a rich mask that comes with a double layer and an extra filter pocket.

Katharine Polk Released a Debut Bridal Collection for All Body Types

Katharine Polk Bridal has released a new line of bridal gowns that have inclusivity of all body types in mind. This trend has been spreading in recent years as many designers have made strides with the same goal. Polk’s new bridal collection offers sizes from 00 to 30 and her inspiration came from the real brides she had made custom gowns for over the years.

Man putting an engagement ring on fiancée's hand The Importance of Body Type Inclusivity

Modern-day women are well-educated, empowered, and confident people that can no longer be swayed by what magazines presented as “the standard of beauty”. That is why so many designers today, including the talented Katharine Polk, recognize this and create stunning fashion pieces that include all body types and sizes. Not only that, but the price ranges for her stunning creations range from three to four digits, which means that everyone should be able to find something that both speaks to them stylistically and fits within their budget. Brides can purchase pieces directly from Polk’s shoppable website.

Katharine Polk - Houghton - Headshot Standout Features of Katharine Polk’s Bridal Collection

Run by an all-female staff, Katharine Polk Bridal has a team that’s committed to making something for everybody and new releases are expected on their website monthly. Every piece was inspired and guided by Polk’s Instagram followers who voted on the looks they preferred and her work with clients. The styles feature simplistic and sleek lines as well as ruffled sleeves, capes, tulle skirts, tasteful back cut-outs, decorative chains, and even pockets! Additionally, Polk’s online shop includes accessories, lingerie, bachelorette gifts, and much more.

The Models Wearing Polk's Bridal Line One can’t help but applaud the movement of designing what women truly want based on their opinions and modern tastes. It’s certainly uplifting to see the much-needed shift in fashion that caters to all body shapes in equal measure and recognizes the extent of feminine beauty in all its forms.