The Top 5 Bridesmaid Dress Trends of the Year

Top 5 Bridesmaid Dress Trends of the Year

Over the past few years, the changing bridal fashion scene has come up with modern bridesmaid dresses with vast and varied options. Instead of customary identical gowns, embracing individuality in style but retaining the traditional color palette is the key to modern bridal party looks. Here are a few top trends a bridesmaid can follow in 2023.

Garden Party

Garden Party

This spring and summer-perfect bridesmaid dress trends highlight fanciful details like floral appliques, watercolor floral and fern prints, and ruffles. The super-soft bridal party gowns generally have a breezy sweeping swoosh factor and display subtle shades like garden greens, pale gray, blushing nudes, dusty pink, pearl white, and many more.

Gorgeous Glam

This trend screams the love of Old Hollywood by creating glamorous bridesmaid looks with velvet gowns, sequin dresses, jewel-toned hues, and sumptuous embellishments. Today, hundreds of modern retailers are designing glam-focused opulent ensembles fit for a royal-styled bridal event.

Classic Black

Classic Black

A classic black dress can never go out of fashion, no matter the occasion! This chic wardrobe staple look adds an instant air of polish and elegance to a wedding party. This not-necessarily new but never-so-old bridesmaid dress trend is unanimously adored. Just pick the best suitable style for you and the bridal occasion.

Bold Hues

Bridesmaid dresses in bold pastel hues are a smart choice for modern brides willing for an alternative look for their D-day. This fashion-forward styling option brings a ton of character and vibrancy to wedding photos. Also, with mismatched-style dresses, this trend allows the bridesmaids to embrace their personal styles, adding a bohemian charm to the event.

Airy Silhouettes

Airy Silhouettes

Lightweight, breezy silhouettes are one of the dominating bridesmaid dress trends this year. With an instant ethereal look and airy feel, these dresses are perfect for a scenic outdoor wedding ceremony full of romantic vibes. Suitable for a variety of body types, these dresses usually come in soft dreamy pastel shades and effortlessly flowing luxurious fabrics.

Know Your Perfect Ring Size with these Techniques

Has it ever happened to you that you were scrolling a jewelry website and simply fell in love with a gorgeous ring? You went ahead to order it but couldn’t because you don’t know the size that will fit you. Shopping from a store is easy because there you can try different sizes and designs and find the best fit, but online can be tricky! Here are a few ways that you can go ahead and find out your ring size while shopping for them online.

Use a String or Measuring Tape

A quite inaccurate size measuring technique is by using a string or a measuring tape. You simply have to wrap around any of these on the circumference of someone’s finger and then mark it. After that, you can simply take it to the store or put it on a size chart and get an idea about the fit. However, jewelers like Tiffany and Co. do not recommend this idea.

Print a Size Chart

Almost every jewelry site has a ring chart that you can get printed. This sheet of paper has circles of various sizes. Take a ring that you already have, try placing it on the chart, and check which circle fits the best with your ring’s circumference, and there you have it. One thing to note here is that ring bands, or broad rings, are a quarter or half size more than sleek ones.

Get Yourself a Ring Sizer

A super affordable way to know your ring size is by getting yourself a ring sizer. It is a reusable string that you can fit around your finger, and a pointer will show you your answer. Remember that the band of the sizer must come out smoothly from your finger without getting stuck at the knuckles and should also not fall off when you shake your hand.