A-List Celebrities’ Favorite Sunglasses Designer Just Launched A Bridal Collection

Celebrities such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga have all proven that no one does statement eyewear like Kerin Rose Gold of A-Morir Studio does. Having showcased her work on their Instagram pages, which often feature ceramic flowers, pearls, and tassels, Gold has become one to look out for.

Now she is launching something new. Her latest collection is for brides-to-be, taking their “something” new to a whole new level.


“This not only gives me the opportunity to create something super-special, it gives [brides] the opportunity to have something that becomes more of a keepsake than a dress could be,” explains Gold. “There are so many things associated with weddings that you only wear once—these you can enjoy for years.”

The idea to create a full line dedicated to brides came after Gold had a conversation with her sister.


“Aesthetically, my sister and most of her friends are more in the J.Crew or Madewell category when it comes to style, and my stuff doesn’t really cater to that,” explained Gold. However, the sunglasses designer soon realized it is all about a bespoke piece.

“Her friend wound up wearing them for the entire reception. She even wore them on her honeymoon and wouldn’t take them off!” After this moment, which she calls her “Oprah aha” moment, Gold got to work on her new collection.


Her collections pièce de résistance was the round shades with crystals spelling out “Wife Life,” which she wore for her own nuptials. “I think one of the great things about a pair of sunglasses is that it is a really safe and easy way to change your look,” says Gold.

“You can put those on, take a few beautiful photos of them, take them off, and you still get to maintain that vision of yourself that you’ve always wanted. It gives you an opportunity to inject something a little extra-special into the day that you might not have previously thought about.”