Stunning Getting Ready Robes for the Whole Bridal Party

On your wedding day, you’re going to be overflowing with all kinds of emotions. This is why it’s always good to have your whole bridal party around you to keep you smiling and to stop you from giving in to those last-minute jitters. In fact, getting ready with your favorite girls can be a hugely special moment for any bride, and it’s fair to say that there’s nothing better than all donning these stunning getting-ready robes.

Stunning Getting Ready Robes for the Whole Bridal Party

The Silky, Lace Robe

If you have a photographer taking pictures of every moment – including the time where you and your bridal party will pop open a bottle of Champagne and get your hair and makeup done – then you’re going to want to look stylish and stunning. There’s nothing more beautiful than a silky, lace robe. Not only does it photograph well, but it’s also extremely comfortable and something you’ll want to wear time and time again.

The Customized Robe

Whether you want to give your bridal party something to remember your big day by or whether you just want to splash the cash on something extra special, we bet that a customized robe will definitely float your boat. You could rock your ‘Bride’ robe, and then you can choose the names that you want on the back of your bridesmaids’ robes. Whether you keep it simple with ‘Bridesmaid’ or whether you put their own names on is completely up to you.

Stunning Getting Ready Robes for the Whole Bridal Party

The Patterned Robe

Brides who want to feel extra special even when they’re getting ready just have to wear a stunning patterned robe. After all, it will certainly make you feel special. Choosing a bold and bright color will immediately brighten up your day and distract you from any nerves you may be feeling. Plus, you and your bridal party will look beautiful.

You just can’t go wrong with a getting ready robe on your wedding day.

The Jade Roller: Is It Even Worth the Investment or Not?

The jade roller is one of those beauty tools that blew up overnight. It looks sort of like a small paint roller, but with a jade or quartz stone on either end. Most rollers have two stones on both ends, one small and a larger one. The smaller one is used for around the eyes and mouth, and the larger roller is used for the forehead and jawline. But is investing in a jade roller worth it?

Jade RollerWhat’s the Jade Roller Supposed to Do?

The idea behind the jade roller is that when you use it consistently and properly, it will brighten the skin while also reducing swelling, inflammation, smoothing out fine lines, and also prepping the skin so that the nourishing products you apply can be easily and better absorbed.

The way to use the roller is similar to that of a facial massage. After completing your skincare routine or after applying a face mask, you can go over your skin and gently massage it with the jade roller. It’s commonly used by beauty professionals, celebrities, and more.

Is It Worth It?

Jade RollerWhile the jade roller comes with benefits, it’s not for everyone. Dr. Lana Kashian, a dermatologist, stated that fibroblasts are cells that produce collagen, and they’re stimulated by mechanical pressure. With that being said, the jade roller and the physical pressure that is used when using it can help boost collagen production.

Massaging your skin with the roller can also help improve circulation, and in turn, remove toxins as well as lymphatic drainage, which can help decrease the amount of facial puffiness. However, the roller must be used regularly.

Dr. Kasian also said that if you’re someone who enjoys skincare and your rituals, then it’s something you may enjoy. However, if you’re one who can barely remember to put on sunscreen, it’s probably not the best investment.