A Look at the Most Stunning Bridal Shawls for 2021 So Far

the Most Stunning Bridal Shawls for 2020Bridal shawls are an often neglected accessory that can add flair, style, and elegance to a wedding dress. If you’ve already secured the venue for the big day and have picked out your shoes and dress, it’s time to find the perfect bridal shawl. To help you make the right choice, we’ve gathered the best options for 2020 below.

Rosantica Gold-Tone Faux Pearl & Floral Cape

Rosantica Gold-Tone Faux Pearl & Floral Cape If you’re looking to make a statement with your bridal shawl, then this Rosantica cape made from fabric flowers and faux pearls is exactly what you need. It’s heavily beaded yet incredibly elegant and perfect for sleeveless dresses.

DavieandChiyo Sheer Chiffon Shawl

DavieandChiyo Sheer Chiffon Shawl This light and airy chiffon shawl is perfect for summer weddings when you just want a little something stylish to cover your shoulders. The best part? You can repurpose it for other outfits in the future!

DavieandChiyo Vintage Chantilly Lace Capelet

DavieandChiyo Vintage Chantilly Lace Capelet If you’re about to be a spring or summer bride, this floral capelet is ideal for warm-weather nuptials. Made from delicate chantilly lace, this shawl is breathable, sheer, and just the right amount of vintage. You and your guests will love it!

alexbridal Faux Fur Wrap

alexbridal Faux Fur Wrap Fall and winter brides, rejoice! There is nothing more chic than a faux fur accent to wrap your shoulders and add a pinch of all-time glamour to your outfit. Plus, if it gets cold, you will instantly have a gorgeous shawl to hug you.

For Boho-Inspired Shawls – MODAcrochet Woven Capelet

For Boho-Inspired Shawls - MODAcrochet Woven Capelet If lace and chiffon aren’t exactly your favorite materials, and you are looking for something more boho yet chic, this is one of the best bridal shawls you’ll find. It’s soft and cozy, and perfect for virtually every season (except maybe the hottest days of summer). You can customize the color of the bow to match your wedding dress or add an accent color.

The Weekday Wedding: Why More People Should Consider It

When it comes to weddings, it’s all about availability. That typically means that having a weekday wedding might be the only option, especially when you’re looking to plan something sooner.

wedding rings on a calendarA Weekday Wedding Has Its Perks

It’s pretty standard to have a wedding on a weekend. However, there’s always been something chic about having a weekday wedding, especially if you ask Bronson Van Wyck who is the owner of Van Wyck and Van Wyck. In fact, most European royal weddings were held on weekdays. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider having your wedding on a weekday.

Choose a Date With a Special Meaning

Not every special date falls on a weekend, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be chosen as the wedding date. You can celebrate a date that has a special meaning to it by having your wedding on that exact day.

Planning Will Be Less Stressful

weekday wedding plans Planning a wedding comes with stress, but you don’t have to stress as much when you plan a weekday wedding. Chances are that your desired date will be available, along with all the extras, including photographers, food caterers, and more.

Extra Time Spent With Loved Ones

When you get married on a Saturday, most guests will leave on Sunday. However, getting married on Thursday for instance will mean that most guests will stick around for a bit longer since the weekend is coming up.

Potential for Savings and Upgrades

Since most people choose to have weekend weddings, the cost for venues, catering, photography, and more is quite high due to the competition. With that being said, a weekday wedding can mean that there’s more chance for savings and upgrades in terms of venue costs, package deals, flights, accommodations, better food, or larger photography bundles. This can make a huge difference.