Know Your Perfect Ring Size with these Techniques

Has it ever happened to you that you were scrolling a jewelry website and simply fell in love with a gorgeous ring? You went ahead to order it but couldn’t because you don’t know the size that will fit you. Shopping from a store is easy because there you can try different sizes and designs and find the best fit, but online can be tricky! Here are a few ways that you can go ahead and find out your ring size while shopping for them online.

Use a String or Measuring Tape

A quite inaccurate size measuring technique is by using a string or a measuring tape. You simply have to wrap around any of these on the circumference of someone’s finger and then mark it. After that, you can simply take it to the store or put it on a size chart and get an idea about the fit. However, jewelers like Tiffany and Co. do not recommend this idea.

Print a Size Chart

Almost every jewelry site has a ring chart that you can get printed. This sheet of paper has circles of various sizes. Take a ring that you already have, try placing it on the chart, and check which circle fits the best with your ring’s circumference, and there you have it. One thing to note here is that ring bands, or broad rings, are a quarter or half size more than sleek ones.

Get Yourself a Ring Sizer

A super affordable way to know your ring size is by getting yourself a ring sizer. It is a reusable string that you can fit around your finger, and a pointer will show you your answer. Remember that the band of the sizer must come out smoothly from your finger without getting stuck at the knuckles and should also not fall off when you shake your hand.

Fashion Designer Hayley Paige Has Lost the Right to Use Her Name

The wedding dress designer Hayley Paige made an announcement last year that she could no longer use her name, which is the exact name of her fashion line, in any business endeavors or even speak it out loud due to a temporary restraining order from its parent company, JLM Couture.

Hayley Paige, wedding and fashion designerWhat Happened in Court Between Hayley & JLM Couture?

The fashion and wedding dress designer’s full name is Hayley Paige Gutman, and she lost access to her @misshayleypaige Instagram account with more than 1 million followers. Hayley posted a video on her second account, @allthatglittersonthegram, explaining that the original one might still be posting, but she’s not behind it.

The bridesman and fashion line brand, JLM Couture, sued Hayley for breach of contract, among other things in a New York federal court. While the company’s main grip was Hayley’s original Instagram account, JLM also filed a temporary restraining order banning Gutman from using her name or any of her previously-related to her social accounts, which the judge granted. According to Hayley’s attorney, she’s not even allowed to use her name in public and can’t even sign a new work contract.

JLM Couture made sure to address the issue of Hayley using her name on social media as she’s posting content (addressing both Instagram and TikTok) that doesn’t “properly represent” the fashion brand. In her video, Hayley claims that she was always using her Instagram as a hybrid between her professional and personal life.

Hayley's original Instagram accountFashion Influencers Should Use a Lawyer More Often

Hayley explained how she signed an initial contract with JLM Couture in 2011 when she was young, new to the industry, and naive. She didn’t have a lawyer look over it, and she’s appealing to everyone, not people in the fashion industry to always have a lawyer look over contracts.

When that original contract expired, Hayley felt bullied and manipulated by the company and its CEO, Joseph L. Murphy in her effort to get a renewed contract that is less “one-sided.”

Hayley is currently fighting for her name and original Instagram account and is already getting support on major social media platforms. Meanwhile, a JLM Couture spokesman has refused to return comments on the video or the lawsuit.