Odylyne The Ceremony Launches the New Bridal Collection Inspired by Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders

Valerie and Her Week Of Wonders is a 1970s film that narrates a story about a girl who experiences her first period. This is followed by a series of events in a matter of a week that are both amazing and scary. Getting married is equally scary yet amazing for a woman and the brand Odylyne The Ceremony has tried to convey the same through its newest bridal collection.

Puff-Sleeves Were All the Rage

Stephanie White, the designer, was inspired by this classic-cult movie and also titled her collection ‘Her Week Of Wonders.’ The wedding collection launched at the Bridal Fashion Week in New York included six looks that exuded both an ethereal as well as a witchy aesthetic. There was a youthful feel to the collection with its silhouettes and soft textures. The gowns with puff sleeves stood out.

A Creative Brand

White said that she had been designing this collection with these sleeves since 2017 even though the billowy sleeves are trending only now. A bride had requested it back then and she decided to make it part of her collection. This unusual style is not surprising as the brand Odylyne The Ceremony has been known to add a creative twist to traditional ballgowns since its inception.

Odylyne The Ceremony Creates Gowns for the Dreamers

Apart from celebrating playfulness and youthfulness, the brand also loves creating gowns for brides who love a little fantasy. Just like the ‘Her Week Of Wonders’ collection, her inspirations come from books and movies she cherished when she was a child. She says that she wants brides to feel a sense of magic in their gowns. Furthermore, the pandemic changed the expectations of many brides. They are giving traditional white gowns a miss and are now looking for something new. White said that with brides exploring alternatives, brands need to evolve too and match these expectations.

Why Post Wedding Bach Parties Are All The Rage

You might have heard of a bachelor or bachelorette party, but what about a post-wedding bach party? It turns out that many brides and grooms are opting for the after-party to beat all after parties – and there is a good reason.

Why Throw A Post Wedding Bach Party?

Many couples have found themselves having to postpone or town down their wedding in recent times. This means that many of those bach parties have had to go on hold. Thankfully, there is no rulebook when it comes to weddings, meaning you can throw your bach party whenever you like. No longer do you have to settle for a virtual event or worry about how to fit the party into your budget. You can have it after the wedding instead.

How To Plan A Post Wedding Bach Party

Going against the grain when it comes to your bach party means that most rules have gone out the window. This means you have to communicate with all of your guests as you may find you have to organize the majority of it yourself. So long as everyone is on the same page and you are open with your guests, then you should find that things fall into place.

Who Pays For A Post Wedding Bach Party?

Bach parties are usually paid for by the wedding party. The chances are that your post-wedding bach party will have to come from your personal funds. However, if you’re open with the rest of your part and they know that you’ve already had to alter your original plans, then you might find they step up to take control.

Throwing a post-wedding bach party could be one of the biggest wedding trends to come out of 2020 – and why not? Just because the big day is over doesn’t mean the fun has to end.