How to Choose a Necklace for a Halter Wedding Dress

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Halter wedding dresses are beautiful and unique, but choosing a necklace to wear with them can be difficult. Some people don’t even wear necklaces with halter neck dresses, but if you want to, you definitely can. Wedding expert Greta Louise Tomé has got some advice about picking the right one.

Understanding the Harmony

Tomé emphasizes the need for visual unity between necklines and necklaces. The key is to ensure that the necklace enhances the overall look rather than competing with the dress. This harmonious coordination can elevate the bride’s appearance.

Before choosing a necklace, it’s crucial to purchase the dress. Tomé suggests assessing how the material falls on your body when worn. The neckline’s openness or closure while worn will guide your necklace selection. For high-neck halter silhouettes, opt for a simple necklace that complements without distracting, while more revealing necklines allow for more elaborate jewelry choices.

Top Necklace Styles for Halter Dresses

Tomé also advises matching necklace details with dress embellishments. If your dress features silver gemstones and pearls, choose a necklace that incorporates similar elements. For highly detailed dresses, opt for subtle jewelry, whereas a simple silk dress with a halter neckline provides room for statement pieces. Front-opening statement necklaces are an exquisite complement to bridal dresses, infusing a sense of drama without overpowering the overall ensemble.

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For those favoring a contemporary aesthetic, Y-necklaces serve as an optimal choice. These accessories enhance halter necklines, augmenting their inherent elegance. Alternatively, pendant necklaces offer a subtle sparkle without detracting from the dress, seamlessly fitting within the space of the halter neckline. They provide versatility with varying depths, offering a sophisticated yet fashionable choice. For brides seeking to make a bold impact, back necklaces are highly recommended.

Additional Jewelry Options for Halter Dresses

If a necklace just doesn’t look right with your halter dress, don’t worry! There are tons of other jewelry options that can make your wedding outfit pop. Earrings, like diamond studs or chic drop earrings, could be a great pick, especially if your halter dress has a lot of detail.

Or why not try bracelets? You can go for something sparkly like a tennis or herringbone bracelet, or get a bit edgy with a thick silver cuff. The main thing is to pick what feels right for you. After all, it’s your big day! You deserve to look your best.