The Five Must-Have Fashion Items To Pack For Your Big Day

While you’re always reminding yourself to remember your wedding dress when it comes to packing for the big day, you may lose track of what else is necessary to bring with you. Beyond the obvious of your wedding dress, other fashion items are also essential for your wedding day. These are five items that must not be forgotten!


UNDERGARMENTS You’ve most likely bought new undergarments for your wedding day, and whether it is something pretty or more along the lines of Spanx for practicality, it is important to pack them! Of course, make sure you have brought along the right bra because that will make all the difference with your dress. The best option is to hang it with your dress as soon as you’ve got it so that you have the complete outfit together.


FASHION TAPE Always be prepared for a fashion emergency. As much as your hope noting will go wrong on your wedding day, there is still the chance. A little emergency kit will go a long way and could come in handy for either you or your bridesmaids. In your kit should definitely be fashion tape since it can help with any tears or zipper problems.


JEWELRY Is your something old a piece of jewelry your grandmother gave you? Perhaps your something new is a bracelet from your husband-to-be for your big day. You do not want to forget these gifts, and by packing them in the bag with your wedding dress, you are sure not to make a mistake. If your dress is elsewhere, designate someone else involved in the wedding to hold onto your jewelry for you and bring it the morning of.


DANCING SHOES Staying in your heels all day will eventually become an incredible pain to handle. Flip-flops or flat shoes will be a blessing for when the dancing begins!


MORNING OF OUTFIT Before the time comes to finally put your wedding dress on, you and your bridesmaids will be spending time together and getting your hair and makeup done. Many brides plan coordinating outfits for her bride squad, whether these are robes or monogrammed pajamas, make sure you pack them! Slippers are also a good addition for when you need to walk around.