How To Pick The Best Lingerie For Your Wedding

Figuring out what to wear underneath your dress on your wedding day can be almost as challenging as picking a dress itself. Your undergarment needs are also likely to be quite different at your wedding than the night after.

Here are some tips for finding the right pieces that will help you feel great without being too frumpy.

Emily Bendell, the Bluebella founder, explained, “I tell brides to separate out in their minds their dream wedding dress and their dream wedding lingerie,” she adds, since usually “one [isn’t] worn with the other.”

You’ll want very different pieces for the time before the wedding, when you’ll be doing your hair and makeup, during the wedding, where you need to be comfortable, and after the wedding, where you want the lingerie itself to shine.

“I feel that people are moving away from traditional silk styles [and] are looking for something more fresh, contemporary that suits today’s modern woman,” added Ela Onour of Else. “The fabrics are lighter, more comfortable, and the styles enhance natural shapes rather than being padded and heavy.”

Many of these newer designers recommend buying pieces that you’ll want to wear for other occasions, not just the wedding night when you’ll be tired.

While undergarment styles haven’t followed trends in the same way that other clothing has, that’s beginning to change. For starters, as more brides choose more natural and comfortable dresses, the undergarments they choose to complement those styles are very different than if you wear a structured dress.

Some designers are even suggesting that women choose lingerie that can double as streetwear, whether you tuck it into a skirt or under a blazer. Slowly, our bridal lingerie options are catching up to the items we might choose to wear for any other occasion, only they often come in bridal white.