3 Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits Shades Perfect for Fall Weddings This Year

Fall is in full swing, and though the popular summer wedding season is over, nuptials really never end, and so do the preparations and invitations. If you’re a bride, then you know that nothing is more important than you looking like the star of the show. But even if you’re a guest, you still want to look your best on the day. Kylie Cosmetics has brought three new Lip Kits to get you dolled up at fall wedding parties.

The Lip Kits

From neutral to ultra-bold, the Kylie Lip Kit range offers a wide collection of 25 distinct shades for all your wedding parties and seasonal soirees. The highly pigmented formulas of the lip colors are waterproof, vegan, and specially designed to last throughout the day. Every kit includes one full-sized matte, non-sticky liquid lipstick and one full-sized ultra-creamy lip liner pencil in a matching shade.

“Exposed” (Best Neutral)

Perfect for those coveted ‘no makeup’ looks, this chic-cool lip color delivers a neutral and muted finish. It’s versatile enough to be paired with any outfit and to make any skin tone look beautiful. Pair this shade with a terracotta or champagne dress for any outdoor ceremony surrounded by changing fall foliage.

“Candy K” (Best Muted Pink)

The lighter understated tone of this lip shade is perfect for formal events and casual outings alike. With a subtle pop of pink on your lips, this shade elevates the facial features and the final makeup look. While the color would work with pretty much any fall style, it would also be a perfect pick for daytime ceremonies in spring and summer.

“Twenty” (Best Bold Lip)

The rich dark purple pigment and deep hue of this shade are perfect for jewel-toned dresses and classic black outfits, the specialties of fall and winter weddings. This vibrant and versatile lip shade would look stunning on a wide range of skin tones. Balance out the shade with smokey eye makeup for maximum impact.

5 Top 2022 Wedding Dress Trends

Wedding dress trends are changing and how. From short hemlines and ruffled dresses to floral motifs and romantic sleeves, the Bridal Fashion Week has brought in glamorous options for the brides of 2022. Some of these trends will leave you looking stunning on your wedding day. If you haven’t looked at all the trends, worry not. Here are the top 5 trends on wedding dresses, you should consider. They are straight off the runway and will definitely be hot in the next year. Take a look.

1. Short Dresses

The short hemlines look great. Whether you plan on eloping, have a small close-knit ceremony, or just want to show off your gorgeous shoes, this trend is just what you need. A short wedding dress is a great choice for all other wedding events like the rehearsal dinner, the reception, or even the bridal shower that your friends may throw you.

2. Ruffled Dresses

Now that the idea of the big wedding is coming back, it is time to give the concept of minimalism a break and indulge in maximalist gowns. Go big! Look at frilly wedding dress options that have intricate detailing done on them. If you have chosen a gown with a mermaid silhouette, then you can add another dimension to it with a ruffled skirt. It is fashion-forward as well as a little bit whimsical. However, if you are not into volume for your ruffles, you can opt for a streamlined cut with fewer ruffles on them.

3. Colorful Floral Dresses

Floral designs on wedding dresses are classic, traditional even but there is more you can get than just that. Embroidery and 3-D rosettes give this traditional trend a refreshing new look. If you are a bride who is looking to try something new, you can consider pastel floral designs on the wedding dress.

4. Feather-Embellished Dresses

If you are a bride looking to walk down the aisle looking glamorous then you can consider adding feather embellishments to your wedding dress. They are big this season and a great way to add more character to an otherwise traditional gown.

5. Off-Shoulder Sleeved Dresses

The beauty of an off-shoulder sleeves dress is that it can be used for any kind of fitting. Be it a mermaid gown that is well fitted or even a gorgeous grand ball gown, this neckline is flattering and is just the choice to bring out your inner romantic. This neckline also works with any type of fabric.