Jennifer Lopez Rocks a Glam Bridal Look on the Stage of AMA 2021

From shaggy haircuts fronted with curtain bangs to pageant-perfect blowouts, pop-queen Jennifer Lopez has emerged as the beauty queen time and time again. Her signature glowing skin and glossy over-lined pouty lips always complete the glam looks. Once again, J-Lo has awed the onlookers, appearing in a chic bridal attire at the 2021 American Music Awards, while performing her new heartfelt song On My Way.

The Look

J-Lo showed up in the ceremony in a full white corseted bridal gown completed with a veil and every other detail. But a closer look under the veil revealed glam bridal makeup, one of the most beautiful we have ever seen. The diva enhanced her expression with super dark and dramatic smoky eyes. The deep and intense makeup beautifully highlighted her eyes, almost making them pierce out from under the veil. That’s a true trendsetter one! Obviously, she didn’t fail to rock her signature ‘J-Lo glow’. Completed with popped shining cheekbones and glossy nude lips, J-Lo surely marked a new standard in bridal beauty. A polished and sleek topknot bun gave the entire look a glamorous princess vibe.

The Occasion

The look and the song both were parts of the promotion of Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming movie Marry Me. Also starring Owen Wilson and Maluma in central characters, Valentine’s Day flick features J-Lo’s On My Way along with Maluma’s new song. The rom-com tells the story of a pop star (played by J-Lo), who gets jilted at a very public wedding by her rockstar fiancé (played by Maluma), instinctively goes on to marry a stranger from her concert audience (played by Wilson). Will her rash action pay off? Well. You have to wait till February next year to get the answer. In the meantime, J-Lo is steadily on her way to steal many hearts with the magic of her voice and looks.

Inspirational Wedding Dress From Tv Shows That Brides to be Can Consider

A wedding is one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life and, naturally, you would want to look your best. As a bride-to-be, choosing a suitable wedding gown can be challenging, given the various options in the market. Here are the seven best wedding gown inspirations from TV shows.

Monica’s Wedding Gown From the Famous Tv Show Friends

We all love the hit TV series Friends that showed us the different shades of relationships. Monica’s wedding gown has been an inspiration ever since it was aired on TV. The sleeveless sparkling wedding dress with the flower on the back has a beautiful touch to it.

Beautiful Elements of Callie’s Wedding Gown From Grey’s Anatomy

No doubt, the sleeves may not be that attractive, but when you look at Callie’s wedding dress’s overall design and fall, there is a lot more than meets the eye. It highlights the powerful features of her body and has a classy yet stylish look to it.

The Simplicity From Jason and Tahni’s Wedding From The Good Place

The Good Place is another popular TV show that had many beautiful moments. The wedding gown that Tahani wore is perfect for a bride who likes to keep things just right. The best thing about this dress is that you can customize the design the way you want it.

A Lacy Wedding Gown Inspiration From Janet’s Wedding Dress On The Good Place

Do not want something too fancy, but it should look like that? Why not try out Janet‘s lacy wedding gown inspiration from The Good Place. It not only fits perfectly, but the combination of the off-shoulder look along with the beautiful lace all over makes this dress an all-time hit.

Claire‘s Fancy, Powerful, and Elaborate Wedding Dress On Outlander

Claire’s fancy and powerful-looking wedding dress from the TV Outlander is worth the shot for a theme wedding with a traditional touch. It has an elaborated look but gives you something different and unique to work on.

The Weird Dream Sequence Wedding Dress From Riverdale

From the comic book to the TV screen, Riverdale is inspired by the Archies comics. Veronica’s wedding gown in her dream sequence can be considered as a perfect wedding dress for the modern bride in every way.

Olivia’s Wedding Dress From Scandal Is Classy and Glamourous

When you talk about the all-time classic look, Olivia’s wedding dress from Scandal tops the list. The attractive elements are the silhouette, the sparkly belt, and the intelligent use of fabrics while keeping the design simple but modern and stylish. The all-net vail not only compliments the dress but boosts its overall look.

A Final Walk

Choosing a suitable wedding gown is not easy; however, you can easily overcome this challenge with proper planning and help from some inspirational ideas. The wedding gowns from the TV shows mentioned above give you different elements that you can work on to customize them the way you want and come up with your very own unique design.