Be Instagram Worthy With These Perfect Bridal Shower Looks

The best part about getting married is undoubtedly all the pre wedding festivities. Each culture has different traditions for brides to be: in North Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent, it’s very common for the bride to have a henna party before the nuptials, where she’s surrounded by female family members and friends, who adorn her skin with henna tattoos and lavish attention on her.

In the US, it’s become common to have a bridal shower, where the bride’s nearest and dearest spoil her with gifts and give her their blessings for a happy married life before the chaos of the wedding. It’s an important opportunity to spend some intimate time with the bride before she’s overwhelmed by the drama of the big day.

This elegant, cream colored dress’s distinct hue gives a nod to the bride’s status – it’s clear that the woman wearing this dress is the bride to be, without garishly wearing a sash that spells it out in glittery letters.

We love the subtle femininity of the midi length and tiered top – it’s reminiscent of a wedding dress without being over the top. Mule sliders add a hint of romance and class without being stilted and overly formal. And of course, you can never go wrong with a pair of silver asymmetrical earrings.

There’s just nothing like a classic pair of gold hoop earrings – there’s a reason why they’ve been a woman’s wardrobe staple since literally the beginning of civilization. The pink heels add a pop of color and playfulness to an outfit that could theoretically be a little too safe and boring without them. Of course, the best part of this dress is the ultra-feminine and spring like floral maxi dress. It’s relaxed without being too chill.