The History Behind White Wedding Dresses

Many brides-to-be dream about the day they get to wear a white dress for the day and express their love for someone. Have you found yourself wondering about the tradition? It could be time to learn about the history behind white wedding dresses.

Thanks To The Queens

461 years ago, the history behind the white wedding dress began thanks to Mary Queen of Scots. Although the queen wore white for her big day, it wasn’t until Queen Victoria chose a white gown that things started to catch on. Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert in 1840 and paved the way for many future white wedding dresses to come.

Working Through The Classes

Many people often wore dark colors for their wedding due to a lack of laundry techniques or layers of bright colors for luck and love. However, the white wedding dress trend took off after Queen Victoria’s gown. The elite Americans and Europeans latched onto the trend, but it took a while to work its way through the rest of the classes. It wasn’t until 1981 when Princess Diana walked down the aisle with Prince Charles that others wanted to recreate the look for their big day.

Not A Global Trend

Although many parts of America and Europe still say a white wedding dress is their favorite choice, it seems as though the trend is changing – and has always been that way for many places around the world. In Japan, brides typically wear a white gown before changing into a red one later on in the ceremony, while people in Ghana usually opt for brightly colored wedding dresses to celebrate their day.

People across the world are now embracing alternative colors to bring their wedding day to life. However, the history behind the white wedding dress shows there is more to the tradition that we ever believed.

No More Waiting: The Hill House Home Bridal Collection Is Here

women wearing white clothes drinkingThe past year was anything but ordinary, and that includes the world of fashion. We’re seeing more and more brands working to re-imagine wedding attire and moving toward more relaxed and cozy silhouettes. And, recently, the widely-loved label Hill House Home decided to make its debut on the bridal scene with a gorgeous collection of wedding dresses.

Hill House Home Makes a Debut in Bridal Fashion

A white Nap dress model by Hill House HomeYou may already know Hill House Home for their beloved Nap dresses, but their debut bridal collection has so much more to offer. The much-anticipated bridal collection is full of accessories and apparel that are perfect both for brides and bridesmaids. Anyone looking for chic and slightly boho bridal attire for that emotional walk down the aisle will surely find inspiration in this collection.

When asked about the inspiration behind the bridal line, the CEO and founder of Hill House Home, Nell Diamond, shared that designers drew from the important moments that surround the wedding day, ranging from bachelorette parties, showers, pampering on the day, and the big celebration, of course. The results are light, enigmatic, and incredibly chic ruffle-trimmed dresses and crystal-embellished accessories.

The Hero Item: The Dolly Robe

Like any collection, this one too has its so-called hero item. No, it’s not a dress. It’s a gorgeous silk robe intended for brides to wear while they’re getting ready for the big day, including the famous “getting ready bridal photo shoots.” Diamond shared her excitement about the Dolly robe as it is reminiscent of her Olivier Theyskens wedding dress, and it has a similar feather detailing to match the design of the gown.

The Dolly robe (in white)In terms of accessories, you will find a range of unique items, like padded halo headbands, monogrammed silk eye masks, ponytail bows, and so much more. They all come in shades of white and blue. Seeing as Hill House Home has done it again, we’re left wondering what’s ahead for the beloved brand?