High Street Brand Misguided Releases New Budget Bridal Range

Weddings are not the cheapest of events. From the catering, DJ and flowers to the venue and wedding dress, the cheque for weddings can rack up very quickly.

For brides, one of the most important parts of the wedding is finding the perfect dress which they will cherish and love for the rest of their lives. Due to all eyes being on the bride, women want to ensure they look their absolute best on their special day.


However, wedding dresses do not come cheap and brides can end up spending thousands on a dress they will wear once, and will take up the vast majority of the budget. While there are other ways to get a less pricey wedding dress, like buying a second hand dress, high street brand Misguided has just released a new bridal range called “Misbrided” with prices significantly lower than traditional gown designers.


These dresses by Misguided intend to rival couture designers as their prices start at $77 for a wedding dress, which is simply unheard of. From lace to back less, Misguided’s range promises to cater for everyone, and now you can snap up a dress for prices between $77 to $255.

Moreover, many of the dresses designed by Misguided are loosely based on couture designer bridal dresses and although the real deal will cost you $1,800, the Misguided dresses are a fabulous alternative to getting hitched in style, all while on a tight budget.


In addition, it is not just the bride who will benefit from the high street brand’s new range as bridesmaid dresses and wedding guest dresses have also been included. Wedding guests can stop worrying about how much they will spend on their dress as some of the brand’s cheapest dresses can be purchased for just $17. It was about time that someone rivaled the big designers and made fashionable wedding dresses available to the masses.