The Company That Sells Engagement Rings Under $1,000

Engagement rings can often cost a small fortune with many grooms competing to get the biggest and best ring for their blushing bride. However, the prices of rings has tripled in recent years and one ring can cost a small fortune, leading many to opt for new ways to purchase something special.

In addition, the ring market has dramatically changed from traditional, single diamonds to unusual and non traditional rings with different colors, styles and shapes.


In an attempt to keep up with the ever evolving ring market, a new brand was created by two indie-jewelry veterans which promises to offer stylish and beautiful rings at affordable prices.

Alexis Nido-Russo and Cindy Kaiser have existing jewelry businesses called Local Eclectic which is an online shopping site for indie jewelry and also La Kaiser, a Chicago-based handmade jewelry line but their newest venture has delved into engagement rings. The company is called Carried Jewels and all the rings are priced at under $1,000.


Nido-Russo said, “With each of our other companies, we were seeing our customers looking for more affordable and unique engagement ring options. Ladies were gravitating towards our fashion jewelry offerings because they are so much more unique and different than traditional engagement rings — not to mention attainable price points.”

She continued, “We always advise our customers to purchase only solid gold jewelry with natural gemstones for engagement rings because these pieces are meant to be worn 24/7; the problem with most fine jewelry is that it tends to carry a much higher price tag…. This is where the conversation for an affordable and alternative bridal line came from.”

Their direct-to-consumer model ensured that they could cut down on expensive retail markups, all while ensuring the quality and affordable price.


The founders also insisted that the company is not just for people looking for more affordable engagement rings.

Kaiser said they also make jewelry for “the girl who doesn’t feel the need to conform to conventional norms & who seeks out originality and practicality in her day to day life, women are shopping for engagement rings differently today than they were 5 and 10 years ago. It’s no longer just about the 4 C’s. And the idea that an engagement ring should cost 3 months salary is unrealistic for most of us.”

The entire collection is absolutely stunning and you would never guess the affordable price.