The Earthshot Prize 2021 Witnesses Memorable Moments of Sustainable Fashion

The Earthshot Prize 2021 has recently witnessed sustainable fashion with a range of upcycled garments donned by celebrities. But, no one could take it to the length of an haute couture look like Emma Watson. In a fully upcycled wedding dress, Watson created a mic-drop moment of sustainable fashion. There was also the royal couple, who turned the heads of the onlookers on the red carpet of the ceremony.

The Upcycled Wedding Dress

Emma Watson made the remarkable red carpet appearance donning a backless upcycled Oxfam wedding dress. Designer Harris Reed designed the dress into a perfect Haute asymmetrical top with a hem-length trail on one side. Keeping it simple and stylish, Watson paired the dress-cut top with black trousers. The lace trimmings on the backless dress added an elegant touch, while the layered tulle dimension added gorgeous volume. The dress seemed to be just as stunning as a wedding gown, as in this glamorous repurposed version. Side-swept short bob, nude makeup with glittery eyes, and designer drop earrings completed the diva’s stunning chic look.

The Royal Couple

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton are famous for celebrating sustainability in more than one way. The royal couple did it again in the recent Earthshot Prize, repeating their old outfits with a new gorgeous look. Paving a new trend for royal fashion, Kate Middleton is already well-known for her bias toward recycling her outfits. This time, she chose a lilac-hued floor-grazing Alexander Mcqueen pleated gown, which she first donned at the 2011 BAFTA Brits to Watch event. This time she changed the beaded white belt with a golden one and dropped the metallic clutch and diamond jewelry set from the previous look. But she was looking no less radiant in this simpler version. Prince William also picked a velvet suit from his 2019 closet. Topping everything off with dazzling smiles, the royal couple won the heart of the audience with their recycled sustainable fashion statement.

Groom Your Brows Like a Pro at Home

While lockdown has made everybody an expert at grooming, there is one area we all still face trouble – the brows. Styling them can be a problematic endeavor. Here’s the experts-suggested step by step guide on getting the perfect brows at home.

Step 1: Letting the Brows Grow

According to beauty experts, a good arch primarily needs enough brow hair to work with. Brow serums packed with vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants are best to strengthen and nourish brow hairs.

Step 2: Determining the Brow Shape

Hold a long pencil up to the right or left nostril and point it straight up. This indicates where your brows should start. Now hold the pencil in line with the nostril and turn it diagonally, until it gets past the eye’s outer corner. It’s the point where your brow should end. Next hold the pencil next to the nostril at a 45-degree angle, letting it go just past your pupil. That’s the exact point your brow arch should be.

Step 3: Taming the Targeted Area

Priming the brows means making them ready to be plucked. According to the experts, a steamy shower before plucking is helpful, as the warm water softens the brow hairs considerably, making the plucking process less painful.

Step 4: Plucking

Now start plucking. To see the shape, start by brushing the brows up and across. Experts suggest sticking to the rogue hair while plucking. To achieve the ultimate clean-cut, you can try to draw the measured shape first and pluck it accordingly.

Step 5: Filling the Gaps

The next step is using a fine brow pencil to fill in the sparse areas. Create sparse, small, hair-like strokes. According to makeup artists, forked tip products can work wonders in the case of larger gaps, mimicking a more realistic and microbladed look.

Step 6: Adding a Brow Gel

A hint of brow gel adds the finishing touch by holding everything in place. Apply a good quality brow gel, and brush the brows up to make it fuller-looking for a longer period.