How To Know If Your Wedding Dress Is ‘The One’

Finding the perfect wedding dress is high up on the list of necessities when it comes to planning your big day. Here are a few ways to confirm your feelings about whether or not a dress is ‘the one.’

You Love It No Matter What

If you’re relying on your friends’ and family’s opinion to make you feel good about your dress, then it might not be the right one. You want to know that you love how you look and feel in the dress without anyone else telling you so.

You’ll Be Comfortable

The dress you choose will have to accompany you for hours on end, and through a variety of activities during your big day. If you’re a natural born dancer, you’ll probably want a dress that’s lighter, and maybe doesn’t have a long train. You also want to make sure that the dress is made out of a fabric you’ll be comfortable wearing for an entire day.

It Fits Your Wedding

You want to make sure the dress you’re choosing is appropriate for the kind of wedding you are throwing. Just because you like a deep neckline doesn’t mean it’ll fit with a more religious ceremony.

You’ve Done Research

You may see a dress and fall in love at first sight, but before deciding that it is definitely the one, make sure you see other dresses, just to be sure. Many brides find their perfect dress by going out of their comfort zone and trying on something a little more unexpected. It’s good to see what’s out there before you make a decision.

You Love It For The Dress

Buy a dress that you love in the moment, not something that is simply the right price. It’s also important to buy something that looks good on you as you are, not as you aspire to be.