Destination Wedding? Here’s What You Should Be Wearing

Ah, destination weddings, there is simply nothing better than combining a vacation and a celebration of love like this. These type of weddings are almost always the preferred kind, as it is a chance to gather with your closest friends or your entire family outside of your usual surroundings.

This could mean experiencing different kinds of weather that you would typically not encounter, or simply a much-needed getaway from reality. While everyone loves a good destination wedding, depending on the selected location, this can pose a dilemma while choosing an outfit to wear to the celebration.

While this could be a problem, in reality, it is simply a chance to get creative. Why not simply take inspiration from the destination of the wedding?

Beach Wedding

The beach wedding is a classic. The sea, the sand…all add up to the most romantic vibes. An off-shoulder dress is always a great option, as well as sandals. However, opt for elegant flats as opposed to flip flops. To finish off the look, choose a matching pair of sunnies and a cute bag to keep your sunscreen close by.


City Wedding

Here’s your chance to channel your true Carrie Bradshaw. An elegant and timeless black jumpsuit is an all-time favorite. Pair it with gold accessories and simple but elegant heeled sandals, and you’ll be turning heads in no time.


Vineyard Wedding

Burgundy is one of the hottest colors when it comes to wedding color schemes. Why not get some inspo from the vineyard itself and incorporate shades of the hue into your overall look? A lace dress is always a great choice, and metallic accented accessories will surely make you stand out.


Countryside Wedding

The quiet countryside wedding a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Here’s your chance to wear a fun floral frock and play it up with some fun and fancy shoes. Velvety sandals are a great way to dress up an otherwise simplistic outfit. A wooden clutch is a fun alternative and will keep your essentials close.