Should You Wear Black To A Wedding?

As a guest to a wedding, there are many “dos” and “don’ts” to abide by. It is the consensus that you should never wear white, you should not get too drunk, you should get a gift off the registry lift, and you should follow the given dress code. For some reason, however, there is a general belief that you should never wear black, and this should not be the case.


Black has traditionally been worn to funerals and, in previous times, was associated with mourning. However, over time, the LBD has proven itself to be a fashion staple and a must-have piece in any woman’s wardrobe, proving it has stepped away from old notions – with many thanks given to Chanel for this change in society.

As one of the more flattering dress choices on the market, it has generally been acknowledged that the LBD is the go-to dress for any occasion. So, while it is questioned as to whether it should be worn at a wedding, it would also be so ideal as to do so.


In fact, with wedding dress-codes stating black-tie, there are many times you will see guests wearing black. Yet, some people still refrain from this choice of color, going for other darker tones when choosing their dress for the next big occasion.

However, if you are not trying to outshine the bride by wearing a floor-length dress with a lace veil, it is is one of the least offensive moves you can make at a wedding.


Perhaps for a summer wedding, black is less appealing to you, but if you were one of those people who believed it was associated with darker times, know that is far from the truth. With it magically making every woman look flattering, we say the LBD is a no-brainer for every event!