The Best Tips On How To Choose Your Veil

The veil has a great symbolic reference and, whichever way you wear it during the ceremony, it is one of the first things your wedding guests see. Therefore, there is no doubt this accessory needs to be just right for you. But with so many different styles and lengths, where do you begin? Don’t worry girl, we’ve got your back!


First, think about how long you want to go. Try on a load of veils at your first gown fitting to see which go best. Many designers now make veils tailored specifically for their dresses, so you can use these as a starting point.

You may opt for a short veil like a bandeau, birdcage, or blusher look, which creates a slightly more retro feel. On the other hand, you may go for a longer, more conventional veil, for a formal, traditional look.


Simple gown? Then why not go crazy on the veil! Be adventurous and explore different shapes and textures, like a floral-embellished chapel-length veil. However, if your gown is heavily embellished, avoid giving your guests a headache and stick to a simple, clean veil.

While the embellishments don’t have to match the ones on your dress exactly, they should complement them in color, size, and style. Check out Kim K’s fantastic cathedral length wedding veil with wide corded border lace and a full length.

“The very long blusher kept the lace detail away from the bodice of her dress so as to not interfere with that detail,” the stylists at wedding veil specialists Richard Designs explained. Having lace around but not on the blusher creates a statement without hiding the dress.

Hair And Accessories

Don’t forget! It is best to have some idea of your hairstyle before picking your veil. If you like the idea of halo veils, bridal caps, and mantilla veils, these work best when the hair is worn down or in a low updo. However, blushers and birdcages are much more adaptable and can be worn with most hairstyles.

If you’re wearing your hair up, you can wear the veil above or below a bun or chignon. Above gives it more volume and achieves a more classic look while pinning below reveals the stylish updo. You may also need to think carefully about the accessories in your hair.

If you’re going for the royal look, for example, an extravagant tiara, avoid a voluminous fountain veil and instead go for classic styles, like elbow, cathedral, chapel, or fingertip length veils.